7 incredible interior design tips for decking up a luxury condo

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Introduction: Are you all set to move into your newly purchased luxury condo? But the endless option for decorating the inside space has you in splits? Buying a luxurious condo apartment is not enough to call it your own space. An elaborate interior design plan is what it takes to make it your own. You need to put effort into turning a mere structure into a home. 

If the condo is a newly purchased one, then you have to start from scratch. In the case of a second-hand purchase, you might want to do some changes to the existing decor. It takes a lot more attention to detail to make a luxury condo interior design work. Though you may hire a professional to layout a design, your exemplary vision is what will make it stand out. Below are some facets you must consider to make your condo look even more luxurious. 

Select your style – Every person has a unique personality that reflects in his or her style. Speaking of style, it is not restricted to the choice of clothes. Your house interior can also be reflective of your distinct style and persona. For that, you must start your luxury condo design by picking up a style to suit your personality.

Do you want a blend of classic styles with modernity? Or do you want a style that looks purely vintage? From bedrooms to Singapore kitchen interior design, everything must revolve around a theme

Neutral and light shades add a touch of class –

While selecting a colour palette for your luxury condo interior design, try to incorporate as many neutral shades as possible. Combine them with light shades that look delicate and sophisticated. Using darker hues on the walls of your luxury condo can break the look. They make the space appear smaller and hinder the luxurious feel.

Does that mean your luxury condo has to look boring? Not at all, as you can always play with fun and bright colours. But always make sure to place it in contrast with some neutral shade. You can also try including upholstery and furniture with colour accents that will pop.

Strategic use of mirrors to make the space appear larger –

To add an enhanced touch of luxury, try to add mirrors at different places in your interior. It will help reflect both natural and artificial light, making the space appear larger and brighter. There are certain places ideal for hanging mirrors on walls.

For example, if you have a long foyer, hang in some elegant mirror along the way. Accentuate any small corner in your condo by adding mirrors there.

Incorporate fashionable lighting –

Nowadays, the market is flooded with various styles of fashionable lights to add to the luxury of your condo. Proper lighting can bring the beauty that you and your designer worked hard on. There is a specific light option for each part of your room. For your living space try adding ambient and overhead lighting to make it feel more spacious. Installing task lights is ideal for your study or work table. You can also notice the use of task lights in Singapore kitchen interior design.

Pay attention to kitchen and bathroom design –

Putting all your effort into decorating the bedrooms and living room but ignoring the bathroom and kitchen will do you no good. A cohesive design plan for the whole condo is what it takes to make it render a sense of luxury. The bathroom and the kitchen design must be in sync with the rest of the interior.

Make a conscious choice of furniture –

People often make the mistake of choosing the wrong pieces of furniture. An oversized piece will never flatter the luxurycondo interior design. To keep the luxurious feel intact, invest in furniture that fits the space and does not make it look overcrowded. Furniture having multiple functions is also an excellent choice for limited space in a condo. Look for furniture pieces that can double up as a storage space.

Stay away from overdoing things –

Simplicity is the key to luxurycondo interior design. You must have a minimalistic approach while decorating the space. Avoid cheap decorative items and invest in fewer yet quality pieces. Always keep the condo neat and clean and clutter-free as much as possible.


Try to keep the aforementioned factors in mind whenever you plan luxury condo interior design. It will make sure your space looks cosy, inviting and sophisticated. 

By Olivia Bradley

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