Excel MID function extracts the center of a text primarily


This phase of the formulation will go back eight. For the primary argument of the RIGHT characteristic you have to specify what textual content to apply. In this case it is cell A2 i.E. The postcode. For the second argument you have to specify the number of characters you need to extract. For this argument I am using the LEN characteristic which returns the quantity of characters of the postcode CV36 7BL that is eight. The area among CV36 and 7BL counts as a character. The components =RIGHT(A2,LEN(A2) interprets to =RIGHT(A2,eight) which returns CV36 7BL.



I want to take away the first 4 characters so consequently I encompass a -4 at the cease of the formulation. LEN(A2)-four therefore returns 4 (8-4=four).

If I simplify this similarly the RIGHT function is =RIGHT(A2,four) and returns CV36.

How do you Remove the First nth Character of a String?

If you need to dispose of the primary nth characters in a string you just change the -four on the stop of the method to some thing wide variety of characters you need to remove. For instance, in case you want to get rid of the primary three characters of a string then


honestly change the -4 to -three. So the method turns into =RIGHT(A2,LEN(A2)-three). If you need to cast off the first 2 characters then change it to -2 so it becomes =RIGHT(A2,LEN(A2)-2) and so forth.

Using the Excel MID Function
Another manner to put off the primary four characters from the postcode CV36 7BL is to use the Excel MID feature. Assume once more the postcode is in cell A2 and the formula is in mobile B2.

The method is now =MID(A2,5,LEN(A2))

So how does this method work? I will provide an explanation for every segment of the MID formulation.

The MID Function

The Excel MID function extracts the center of a text primarily based on the desired number of characters. For example, =MID(“bananas”,three,2) returns “na”. The first argument is the text string or a mobile reference you want to extract from. The 2d argument is the first man or woman you want to extract. The 1/3 argument is the variety of characters you need to extract.

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