Five decision-making skills in children

Parents of 21st-century kids should not follow the old practice of making them dependent on them. They should instead teach them to be self-dependent. Self-dependence comes from independence, where kids can talk about their own decisions. Here are five decision-making skills that parents should influence their kids to follow:

Own Choice of Friends 

Parents should allow their children to make friends of their own choice. They can decide whom to be friends with and whom not to. Furthermore, it aids the child in adopting the admirable qualities of each of his friends. Since their parents let them pick their friends, the children learn the importance of making good decisions because doing so will pave the way for a variety of opportunities in the future. Children learn life skills and become independent while attending the majority of schools in Malaysia.

Mistakes are not crimes.

Parents should always allow their children to make mistakes. Each mistake is like a lesson for them not to repeat them. This is a training every parent and teacher should give the kids to help them decide between right and wrong. In any case, they fall into deep trouble; besides helping them out, parents should also make them realize their absence so that kids can overcome the crisis without fearing much. Failures are the pillars of success. Success is only possible if they take responsibility for any kind of failure they face. Such an ideology is practiced in most Cambridge IGCSE schools.

Games are crucial in decision-making.

The best thing you could do for your kids is to let them play games because it develops their ability to make decisions. Indoor games such as chess help the kids to plan their steps in a very conscious way. They can apply chess concepts to their everyday lives. They will develop into logical and reasonable thinkers as a result. Children learn to be ambitious through this game. They know each step is a path towards success or backward, depending on their decisions. Letting them win now and then can give them a sense of success and also a learning in accepting defeat.

Time management 

One of the critical decision-making skills is time management. Instead of nagging your child to do their work according to time, let them fix their routines. As you allow them to decide, they will keep a list in mind and work according to their priorities. This will help them come to decisions about what might be the consequences of getting their work done on time. Now they can separate their work from their ‘me’ time. Thus, they are capable of balancing their work lives and personal lives from a very young age.


Always let your children be creative. Creativity is a sign of an extraordinary brain. A clever kid decides on their own what to execute and what not to. A creative mind results from rational decisions, deciding upon something that will attract the viewers or listeners. Creativity can flourish through skills like storytelling. When a child gets busy with storytelling, they decide how to project the whole narrative to keep the listeners attracted to them.

By Olivia Bradley

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