How to Get a Perfect Smokeless BBQ Grill for Your Dining Hall 

If you’ve just finished a brand-new dining hall and you’re thinking about throwing a BBQ party, you should consider getting a nice smokeless barbecue grill for some professional indoor cooking. An indoor BBQ is the same as the regular, outdoor one with one significant difference – it’s smokeless. 

Whether you prefer cooking indoors or just want a nice electric grill for throwing a BBQ party anytime, a smokeless grill is your saving grace. The best part is that you won’t have to worry about the unpleasant smell of charcoal and all that smoke that usually emanates from the outdoor BBQ grills.  

Electric grills for indoor BBQ are smokeless, making them a perfect option for interior cooking escapades. Aside from being smokeless and ideal for indoor grilling, they are also portable.  

You can take them on your travels and outdoor adventures or outside your home. However, since there are so many smokeless BBQ grills to consider, here are some factors to keep in mind to ensure you get the right grill for your BBQ needs. 

Factors to consider when choosing a smokeless BBQ grill 

Let’s quickly review the most important things to remember when looking for smokeless AOG grills.  


Since smokeless grills are relatively new, some of them can reach high prices. Naturally, you’d want the best grill for the least amount of money. The good news is that you can find perfect smokeless BBQ grills for around $60–$80.  

For this amount, you may find a fantastic grill with top-grade equipment and features such as temperature control, numerous grilling plates, additional accessories, etc.  

If spending more than $100 is not a problem, you can find high-end grills from trusted brands with additional functionalities and extras, such as maintenance service and warranty. 

Temperature control 

Temperature control is one of the essential features of a BBQ grill, indoor or outdoor. It’s a necessary functionality for having an excellent grilling experience every time.  

Some foods require cooking at lower temperatures to preserve flavor and juiciness – others do better at high temperatures. If the richness of flavor and juiciness are your thing, you’d want a grill that allows you to do both. 

Grilling plates 

When buying a BBQ grill, it’s vital to know how much you will use it. That can help you buy a grill with enough plates to match your grilling needs.  

However, you should also do some research to learn the basics about the grill plates, like washability, best maintenance practices, and no stickiness. If you use your grill regularly, these benefits become critical.  

Additionally, you’d want to look into the grills with grill plates built of the latest, safest, top-class materials that are easy to clean and maintain. 

Material type 

Another factor to consider when choosing a smokeless grill is the material utilized to build it. Aside from ensuring durability, reliability, and consistent cooking results, the material type also determines the taste and safety of cooked food.  

Steel and steel alloys and cast iron are the most suitable materials for BBQ grills. They don’t rust or corrode and come with a nonstick grilling surface. They also make cleaning and maintenance more manageable as your food won’t adhere to the grilling plates, making it much easier to wash away any residue. 

Grilling area 

If you plan to have big grilling parties, you’ll need a large grill with plenty of grilling plates and enough cooking area to support your chef ventures. Larger grill pans are perfect for six and more meals. 

Top smokeless BBQ grills 

Here’s our fine selection of the best smokeless BBQ grills. 

Power XL Smokeless Electric Indoor Grill 

Perfect for any indoor cooking occasion, the Power XL smokeless electric grill comes with all the necessary features to satisfy even the most avid grillers.  

The grill is large enough to allow you to grill eight pieces of chicken, six luscious burgers, and four large steaks simultaneously. It has a built-in fan to ensure you accomplish that perfectly even grill every time. 


  • Nonstick surface makes cleaning and maintenance effortless; 
  • Built-in smoke-extraction fan; 
  • Smart LED control features. 


  • The grill’s structural integrity could be sturdier. 

CUSIMAX Non-Smoking Electric Grill 

The CUSIMAX non-smoking electric grill ensures maximum smoke extraction when cooking your meals indoors. It’s a perfect option for your dining hall as it will ensure your home doesn’t smell like your local BBQ joint.  

The CUSIMAX model has user-friendly controls and advanced features for extra grilling safety. Aside from making cooking more straightforward, the grill allows you to control grilling temperatures and select a specific heat for grilling/cooking an array of meals. 


  • Ease to clean and maintain 
  • Free lifetime maintenance service 
  • User-friendly grilling and heating system 


  • The build is relatively small compared to other similar models 


A smokeless grill is the best option if you’re looking for a perfect indoor BBQ grill that can ensure consistent cooking results and leave your home almost odorless. They are easy to clean, dishwasher-safe, and have detailed instructions and multiple functional features. You won’t have to deal with smoke or irregularly, partially, or undercooked meals. Aside from extracting smoke from your home, smokeless grills also ensure the same texture, flavor, and constant scent every time you grill/cook food. 

By Olivia Bradley

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