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The system of school has changed over many years. Now schools depend on data management and technology. In words, there plays a significant role in technological advancement in data technology, and many schools are using this in the current scenario. 

In this sector, the name of the ezatest will come. Educational Leadership Solutions or ELS initiates the content. Before discussing the concept, we need to know about Educational Leadership Solutions; if we discuss and check their features, work patterns and service, we can understand the idea easily. 

Educational Leadership Solutions

The concept was started in nearly 2003. Paul Shelly, a school administrator, formed the idea. Later his college friend Kevin Baer a computer programmer, joined him in 2006. The concept gained high analytical views. 

This company presently offers data management services to more than 100 schools, which are still growing. 

Now the question is what the concept is. The EZ offers personalized test data and student assessment protocols. It is designed in unique ways to easily track any student data and give monitoring facilities to that particular student. 

If we say, we can find the few critical points about this ezatest. 

  1. The school can easily do the data uploading. 
  2. The teachers will have full authority to access the current student data. 
  3. The school also gains the test data for other purposes. 

The Productivity of theezatest. 

We should focus on the Productivity of the program. In this case, we find some valuable features or productivity cases. We need to understand this so we can gain solutions. 

  1. The main motto of the concept is to increase Productivity. The image also encourages stopping the use of paperwork and doing the work on the practical system in significant ways. 
  2. It offers the three basic things in the market. That is the online instruction and provides excellent access, so anyone has done the plans and administration. 
  3. It offers a time-saving opportunity and paper.
  4. Accessible to the learning process. 
  5. And you are also increasing administrative effectiveness.
  6. Data evaluation is another concept in this sector. With data analysis, data gets the correct form. For any purpose, one needs to check the data. For this reason, the ezatest offers data check possibilities in this system. 
  7. It offers the observation of the data. 
  8. Offers the customization format to the needs. 
  9. Track management and other evaluation as well. 
  10. Data evaluation is a necessary term. The system offers the evaluation process of the teachers, administrative entity, teachers and student observation, files and documents protocols, online teachers’ matters, the survey and many other basic protocols to the users. The application also offers process management and much other automation and digitization services. 
  11. The student support network is another issue in the school system. The system will fall if the management doesn’t care about student support. For this reason, the online system offers a student support network, and it also intervenes in the RTI process, educates the users and gives possibilities to submit the document, files, links and data. It also offers the RTI student folder. 
  12. The application also gives priority to collaboration among educators. 
  13. It offers the customization of the school work and provides the specification of the process. The school can communicate and track the results among the various sectors. 
  14. It can also manage the process of the RTI. 

The application is given three types of service or protocols. The first one is teachers and faculty services, District school level services, and the last one is building level services. 

Here we should discuss all the basic parameters of the services ezatest. 

  1. The application helps the teachers to complete their work in accessible mode. The system allows teachers to store valuable data, provides the best work process and many other things. 
  2. The teachers can easily make the assessments and compare the student’s work. 
  3. The teachers can check the grade of the students. 
  4. Analyze the plans and data and also check the instruction. 
  5. By application, teachers can share online lesson plans easily. They can also attach all the documents easily with the evaluate the portfolio. 
  6. The application also gives entry to all forms, files, links and other student folders effortlessly. 
  7. The building-level administration offers the long time effective and efficient management. It also helps the leaders in their work. 
  8. The administration can create a standard management program and assessment. 
  9. Also, compare the teacher’s and student’s performance. It also provides the right path for the plan of instruction. 
  10. The system also gives the idea of the monitoring plan and process in real time. 
  11. It gives collaboration among the teachers, department and other authorities. 
  12. It also gives customized plans of the process and specific needs. 
  13. At the district level administration, the system also offers the communicating work process to the administrators. 
  14. As per the examination, they can conduct the web-based test efficiently. Even after the test, the teachers can do the test analysis. 
  15. Respective schools can compare the schools’ performance in each calendar year. 
  16. Customization of the lesson plan is another good sign of the application. It also monitors the process as well in real time factor. 

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Why do you choose theezatest? 

Now the question is why many schools are taking this service. There are many reasons that these schools are taking these services. 

  1. The application is very effective. It is a practical application that provides all the work solutions to the institute. We all know how schoolwork is hepatic. For this reason, the application makes the job easy. 
  2. The application is very affordable. 
  3. It is a user-friendly application. So, you don’t need to worry about the technical prospect of the application. 
  4. It is a very responsive and analytical application. It solves the many works of the school authority. The application is also supportive and provides excellent customer support. 
  5. The school authority can complete all the work through this application. Especially the organizational system. In recent times school management indeed needs to work with lots of data. And we all know that data is fundamental to structure in the current time. Data is the power, and it gives all the essential factors. It needs to be managed in decorative ways. The application provides this support. 

These are the basic structure of the concept. By reading this article, you can understand the whole matter easily about the application process.

By Olivia Bradley

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