Solution to Fix Canon Printer Error 5100 – Ultimate Guide

The Canon Printer error code 5100 indicates an issue with the ink cartridge. The cartridge carriage does usually jammed. The reason for Error 5100 could be a carriage problem. They can generally be fixed using service mode and flushing out the printer heads if there is a blockage. You don’t have to worry if you have the same problem with your Canon Printer. This blog will provide easy steps to eliminate this error code. If the guidelines mentioned above are not working for you, you can quickly get reliable and trustworthy Canon support by sitting at home. They will provide a quick and easy solution.

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Effectual Steps To Fix Canon Printer Error Code 5100

To resolve Canon Printer Error code 5100, follow the instructions below. Pay attention to the following points:

Reset the Ink Cartridge:

  • Canon Printer Error Code 5100 may do caused by a faulty ink cartridge. Ink cartridges that do not correctly settle can cause the printer to stop functioning and may result in an error code 5100. This problem does fix by opening the front panel and resetting the cartridge.

Reset the Printer Machine:

  • It is sometimes necessary to reset the printer to resolve an error after using the Canon printer for too long. They can be required after printer work did. To keep your printer running smoothly, you must reset it every few days. Hold the stop button for five seconds to troubleshoot this issue, and then release. Now the printer should usually work.

Remove Jammed Paper from The Printer:

  • The common problem of paper jamming is prevalent and is why you get an error code 5100. If you see the Canon Printer Error Code 5100 on your computer screen while printing, the paper has likely become stuck to the printer. To check if the article is stuck, open the printer’s back panel and remove it immediately.

Clean The Printing Strip

  • The printing strip is a piece of white plastic placed above the drive belt. It is transparent and plays a vital role in printing. If you get this error, check that the strip is clean. Clean it immediately with a soft, dry cloth if there is ink or dirt.

Don’t panic if you get the same error while printing your document. Our tech-savvy staff is available 24 hours a day to assist you with any Canon Printer-related queries. Call the number and speak with one of our tech-savvy engineers.

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