Top 5 Apps to Monitor Stock Markets

There are many apps on the market that help you monitor the stock market. For portfolio management, personal capital and mintt are great choices. If you’re trading stocks, however, you should consider using a broker’s tool, such as TD Ameritrade or E*TRADE. SigFig is another great option for portfolio management.

amc stocktwits

AMC stocktwits is an application that focuses on keeping traders and investors updated with news and other information regarding the stock market. The application is free for users and has 218,000 followers. The service also offers a live chat room for users to interact with other investors. This application makes stock market monitoring easy and is useful for investors of all levels.

Investing is tough, and not every stock will be a winner. But there are millions of Americans with time and skills to invest. By monitoring the stock market with an application like StockTwits, you can put these skills to use and make a little extra money from your spare time.


Kubera is a great app for people who want to stay on top of their investment portfolios. It integrates with over 20,000 banks and brokers and tracks global accounts, stocks, investment portfolios, and physical assets and liabilities. You can add individual ticker symbols or use an online broker to add assets to your account. Kubera can also help you to monitor your net worth.

Kubera is one of the most advanced portfolio tracking apps available. It offers real-time market information, commentary from investors and service providers, and a community of investors. The app also helps users identify the best stocks to buy and which ones to avoid. Its community of investors can give you real-time insight into specific stocks. In addition, Kubera connects with major cryptocurrency exchanges. It also has a feature that tracks insurance policies.

Stock Rover

Stock Rover is one of the most comprehensive stock screeners available. It allows you to choose from multiple managed portfolios and offers dozens of useful tools. You can create an account for free and the app won’t share your information with third parties. You can also choose a free trial of Stock Rover, which gives you the chance to decide whether the service is for you.

The app allows you to set up watchlists and create alerts for stocks on your watchlist. It also lets you monitor indices like the S&P 500. It provides alerts when certain criteria are met, and you can customize your notifications to receive them through email or text message.


Webull is an app that lets you stay updated on stocks and the stock market. It offers 50 technical indicators and twelve charting tools. The app also has a Paper Trading feature, which lets you practice your trading strategy without risking your own money. You can also use the app’s Stock Screener to quickly scan through the market and build a diversified investment portfolio. While the app offers a lot of features, it’s important to note that it does not offer third-party research or investment advice.

Webull’s app is well designed and intuitive, with a streamlined interface that allows you to navigate the app easily. Its charts are detailed, easy to read, and include technical and fundamental analysis tools. It also has an excellent social newsfeed tool and a variety of order types.


TradeStation is an application that helps traders keep an eye on the stock market. The platform allows you to view charts and place orders directly from the app. You can also modify existing trading strategies. TradeStation also features a unique tool called the Matrix, which is dubbed the “Swiss Army knife” of trading tools. The tool includes a market depth window and an advanced order entry tool. It also has a detailed order tracking system, which helps you stay on top of your orders.

TradeStation also provides a large range of tools for traders, including a customizable watchlist. It allows users to set up as many as 1,000 symbols, and they can choose from 180 different indicators to use. Users can also use back-testing tools to test their trading strategies against historical data. Users can also try out simulated trading modes to see if a strategy works.

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