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Many assume Chrome OS is only the Chrome browser. Three to four years ago, it was true, but not today (check out our top Chrome OS tips and tricks). Chrome OS offers web, Android, and Linux compatibility. Chromebook black Friday deals provides millions of applications from many platforms. This article lists the greatest Chrome OS applications for Chromebooks. We’ve selected great applications in every category so you can enjoy Chrome OS.


Let me first explain web applications. Web applications are websites that follow the PWA standard. PWA is a versatile and modular web standard that makes webpages act like applications. Create a webpage window, pin it, and use it offline. PWA is Chrome OS’s cornerstone, therefore we’ll start with the finest web applications on apps on Chromebook.


Google Docs is well-known. It is a wonderful Office replacement for Windows users on Chrome OS. It has most Microsoft Office functions and works offline. Save files as PDF, DOC, or DOCX. It edits Microsoft Office documents.

If Google Docs isn’t enough, you can install Microsoft Office on Chrome OS. You may use Microsoft Office online for free just as on Windows. Web-based Microsoft Office lacks offline capability. Since Microsoft withdrew Office applications from Chromebooks’ Play Store, you can only use the online version.


If you want to take notes fast and jot something for later use, Google Keep is a good apps on Chromebook tool. Sure, you can install Google Keep on Android, but I suggest the web app. It’s built for a larger screen and syncs with your Google account.

You may also develop a Google Keep app following the same approach. If you want to store webpages and make tasks while surfing, install Google Keep.


Chrome OS users have few photo-editing choices. This department has evolved quickly. Pixlr has fantastic picture editing tools. Pixlr’s new beta editor supports layers, lasso, wand, mask, and more. Pixlr web app works offline, too.

Canva is also wonderful apps on Chromebook for picture editing and instant collages. Choose your proportions, backdrop, and start altering photos. The latest upgrade includes free templates, collaborative support, audio tracks, video suite, etc. Canva won Apple’s App Store Award in 2021, therefore it’s a wonderful Chromebook online app.


Chrome OS has a wonderful online app that offers Photoshop-level functionality. Photopea is an online software with a Photoshop-like UI and powerful editing options.

You can also edit PSD, XCF, RAW, SKETCH, etc. photos on your Chromebook. It works nicely with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. Photopea is one of the best Chrome OS photo-editing apps; you won’t be disappointed.


Chromebooks with touch-screen displays may be used as drawing canvases, like the iPad. Chrome Canvas (formerly Google Canvas) and Sketchpad are amazing drawing tools for Chrome OS. Chrome Canvas may help beginners master drawing fundamentals on apps on Chromebook.  It’s feature-rich and responsive to touch.

Sketchpad is a complex application with many possibilities. Brush styles, calligraphy, vector fill, and more are available. Both of these Chrome OS applications are wonderful for drawing and sketching.


I favor Google Meet because it works well on Chromebooks and uses less power and resources than Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Custom backdrops, automated captioning, screen sharing, whiteboard, etc. are among its features.

You may also use blur effects and host management to control participation. And Google Meet is free for personal usage. If you need a web tool for group video conversations, Google Meet is a good option.


WhatsApp is a popular messaging programed, but you can now use it on your Chromebook without your phone. Multi-link lets you send and receive messages in apps on Chromebook. You don’t need to use the same local network or keep WhatsApp linked to the internet. All works without compromising end-to-end encryption. You may now use solo WhatsApp on your Chromebook.


Google Keep is a wonderful software for monitoring chores and taking notes. Simple note is a good option if you wish to keep a basic diary. It’s a basic online programed for jotting down random ideas, as the name indicates. No advertisements, menus, or analytics. It’s PWA-compliant, so you may install it on a Chromebook. Simple note natively supports markdown and dark mode. It lacks offline support.


Clipchamp is the best Chrome video editor. It’s a mobile app for creating and editing videos. Trim, crop, add music, text, stock videos, and more. Free version produces 1080p movies without watermark. Microsoft recently acquired Clipchamp, but the video editor is still free online, and we hope that continues.


Smallpdf is a great Chromebook web app for PDFs. The online program me helps you convert PDFs to Word, compress them, edit and merge them, and eSign them for free. Its web app works as well as its desktop app, and no features are cut. Smallpdf is a Chromebook PDF editor.


Gifcap is the best apps on Chromebook for creating GIFs. It’s a lightweight web app that creates GIFs in seconds. No need to install codecs or wait. You can record your Chromebook’s entire screen, a window, or a tab. Then it processes the video and downloads the GIF. Wow! Gifcap lets Chromebook users create GIFs.


Corbin Davenport created Photo Stack for Chromebooks. The online interface enables you import numerous photographs at once, apply a watermark, resize them, pick a format, and more. You may instantly apply all changes and download photos. Wow, right? I love that it has practically all of Irfan View’s Batch editor’s functionality. Photo Stack is a great Chromebook picture batch editor.


Squoosh is a Chromebook browser software that compresses and resizes photos without sacrificing quality. It compresses photos using MozJPEG and others. This online tool is great for shrinking huge photos. It helps people post high-quality photographs to websites. The web app operates offline, which is cool.


Todoist and Google Keep are Chromebook task management apps. Unlike Keep, it’s used to create to-do lists where you can add items, give dates, and track progress. Label, filter, comment, and more on tasks. It organizes all your duties in one place and lets you build timetables. Todoist is a PWA-compliant web app. Try this Chromebook to-do app.


Adobe provides various free online tools like Canva. Its templates let you build stylish banners and posters. Adobe Express allows you resize photographs, eliminate picture backgrounds, convert films to GIFs, and more. It provides PDF converting, editing, combining, etc. Adobe Express can create documents and multimedia assets. Try Adobe Express free.

By Olivia Bradley

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