Should One Pair Software for Facility Professionals with FM Systems?

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Age-old facilities like schools, universities, historic monuments, churches and federal buildings look beautiful to the naked eye. But, did you know, managing such buildings is not child’s play? 

For years, facility managers struggled consistently to keep track of paper data and assign work orders to ensure the buildings are run smoothly. A decade ago, their tasks were made a little easier thanks to the introduction of facility management software like CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software).

This software helps in assigning and tracking work orders, planning building asset maintenance, inventory tracking and whatnot. Yet, this didn’t really make the tasks of facility managers a cakewalk.

The primary reason is that this software is web-based and does not provide instant access to building data. Facility professionals over the world attended several webinars and came to one conclusion. The biggest bottleneck in facilities management is the lack of access to instant building data. Thankfully, facility leaders formulated software for facility professionals that provides instant access to building data on the go. 

Today’s blog will discuss this software along with the perks of pairing this with facility management software. But first,

Problems Faced by Facility Managers in 2022

Workers in facilities and in the field rarely have holidays. A century-old school, hospital, manufacturing, or hospitality facility requires repairs during the off-season, and maintenance year-round.

When will these people be able to rest? Most building managers are between 45 and 60 years old, in addition to dealing with immense stress. Additionally, they have to handle a lot more tasks than they can handle, aside from managing emergencies and natural disasters. There is no doubt that facility management software like CMMS is beneficial. However, since it is web-based, a lot of manual work still needs to be done, such as:

  • Not customizable
  • No instant access to critical building data during emergencies
  • No data available on the go
  • Slower than needed
  • Desk-related job as it is web-based

Smart Building Software for Facility Professionals: An Intro

Imagine your building starts experiencing tremors all across its floors and the facility receives a sudden earthquake alert. There is chaos and panic following this, computer malfunctions, and fear is evident. It is imperative that everyone is evacuated to a safe room or exit immediately in such a situation.

What are the capabilities of web-based facility management software when it comes to locating emergency shelters and evacuation routes immediately in case of a crisis? The best solution may lie in the combination of smart building technology and crisis management software in this scenario. Using a facility management app or smart building software, facility professionals can access real-time facility information on emergency preparedness plans. 

It takes just a few seconds to access cloud-based emergency plans with this app. As well as emergency refuge rooms, emergency equipment, safety kits, and evacuation routes, this emergency plan includes safe rooms.

In the event of a sudden crisis such as an earthquake or fire, facility managers, professionals, or supervisors can devise smart contingency plans using such mobile information.

How Does the Smart Building Software or Facility App Work?

Smart building software, or facility management apps, provide access to cloud-based data instantly. Data from plan rooms are scanned by companies while visiting facilities. This data that is uploaded to the cloud can be accessed instantly anywhere and anytime by app users with credentials.

With instant access to data, supervisors, facility admins, employees, and managers can develop better contingency plans for ongoing and sudden facility emergencies. Plan quick asset repairs during breakdowns and complete work orders at a faster rate. 

Benefits of Facility Management Mobile App

The facility management mobile app is fast, intuitive, and offers customized solutions for building management information. It is much like hoarding a plan room in one’s pocket. Let’s check the benefits in detail.

  1. Faster Work Orders 

Having building plans on hand makes it easier to complete work orders. If a new employee is assigned to fix a leaky pipe or perform other maintenance tasks, knowing the location of the shut-off valve directly on a mobile app saves hours. 

With the smart building app, facility professionals can access building data on the go and complete work orders at a quicker pace. Rather, with access to building data, facility workers complete 30% more work orders per day.

  1. Improved Asset Management 

It is challenging to manage and maintain assets. A facilities management app allows users to access asset information, such as maintenance manuals and contractor data, instantly. Using the asset model information, technicians can schedule quick repairs if the HVAC system fails. 

The result is a faster asset supervision process and a quicker resolution of all issues.

  1. Instant Access to Organized Compliance Data 

A compliance auditor from Environment of Care visits the facility manager’s office. If the user is equipped with the facility management app, he or she can locate required compliance documents instead of searching for hours in a repository room.

In seconds, he/she can pull out his phone, tap a few times and get the required documents with the smart building mobile software.

Why Should One Pair the Software for Facility Professionals with FM Software?

When it comes to managing a building, integrated facility management software has multiple utilities. Everything is possible, from asset management to inventory management to work order tracking, etc. Yet, when sudden building crises occur, FM systems cannot leverage critical building information like emergency plans fast enough.

The facility management app allows buildings to access instant building data in such situations. Building managers can respond to disasters smartly and effectively with instant access to critical building data, such as emergency plans.

Overall, facility management software should be paired with a facility app to maximize productivity, mitigate emergency situations, and streamline operations.

ARC Facilities, a global leader in facility management, offers this app. You can get in touch with them by visiting their website. They offer customized solutions and a free value calculator that can show you how much-hidden charges you will save by equipping your facility management system with software for facility professionals.

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By Olivia Bradley

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