5 Things to Keep in Mind When Looking for the Best Interior Design Company in Singapore

Best interior design company

Knowing the fundamentals of the Best interior design Singapore will enable you to make any place appear amazing. You are familiar with the sensation of entering a well-designed space. You can tell that everything is well-organized and harmonious. 

Everything seems good. With a little understanding of fundamental design concepts from the Best interior design company, you may create that impact in your own house. You can build a lovely house by applying that knowledge to practice and experimentation.


Balance gives a sense of equilibrium in design. It ultimately comes down to equating or roughly estimating the apparent weight of various items. The shape is only one way to achieve balance; other factors include color, pattern, and texture.

Three different types of balance exist:

  • Formal or symmetrical: Traditional or formal areas should be balanced symmetrically, with one side of the room mirroring the other. One can say that two seats placed on either side of a coffee table are symmetrically balanced. The repetition of design features on either side makes it simple to establish this type of equilibrium. This type of balancing has the potential to become repetitive and uninteresting if you are not cautious.
  • Informal or asymmetrical: Without precise replication, the visual weights of the lines, colors, shapes, and textures are balanced. It can be more intricate and intriguing than symmetrical balancing but is not as well-ordered. For instance, two seats on the opposite side of a sofa might balance it.
  • When there is a central focal point and other elements radiate outward from it or around it, radial equilibrium is established. A circular dining table with chairs placed around it serves as an illustration.


Designing patterns of repetition and contrast to create visual appeal is the foundation of rhythm, just as it is in music. This may be accomplished by repeating the same color or form at various intervals. Its goal is to draw your attention elsewhere in the space. For instance, you may create a rhythm by utilizing the same color in the cushions, a picture, and a rug three times. Your eyes will be guided throughout the room by these repetitions.


When all the components work together to convey a single message, harmony is produced. Harmony fosters a sense of peace, just as rhythm may engender enthusiasm. For instance, even though your shapes have a wide range of shapes, sizes, and textures, you may still achieve harmony by choosing just one hue.


A place where everything is given equal weight will appear either disorganized or uninteresting. An anchor is necessary. Points of attraction in architectural spaces are frequently seen, such as a fireplace or a window with a lovely view. According to the top interior design firms Singapore, by positioning furniture around the existing focal point to accentuate it, you might opt to improve it.

You may provide a point of interest to a space that doesn’t already have one by arranging pieces of furniture together or by adding an odd or huge item.

Measure and Scale:

Scale is how the size of one thing compares to another or to the area in which it is positioned, whereas proportion is the ratio of one part’s size to another. For instance, a huge, overstuffed sofa will look out of proportion in a tiny space.

Different proportional relationships seem nicer than others. The Golden Segment was a concept developed by the ancient Greeks that aimed to simplify all proportions by stating that the ratio of the smaller section to the bigger section should be the same as the ratio of the larger section to the whole. In addition to being employed by painters and architects, this ratio may be found in nature.

Advice for Starting Your Decor:

Editing is a significant problem that inexperienced decorators go into. A skilled interior decorator can quickly assess a space to determine what furnishings function there and when anything is excessive, tasteful, or has to be adorned. Design decisions for your space might be made or broken by a few pointers in this area.

The arrangement of pillows is one aspect of a space that typically benefits from editorial oversight. Pillows may be a wonderful touch that enhances the color scheme of the area or, in certain situations, even serve to make the room’s center point. However, some people have the propensity to use pillows excessively. Do not stuff a sofa so full that a visitor has moved all the pillows to sit down.

The art you choose for a space might be essential, but you need also to think about how you will exhibit it. Wall hangings should generally be hung at eye level. Similarly to this, the chandelier’s height is important. Hanging a chandelier too high or near the ceiling is a typical error individuals make. Drop it so that it illuminates the space and attracts attention. 

By Olivia Bradley

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