Astonishing Statistics and Facts About Instagram You Should Know

Instagram has risen to be the world’s 2nd largest social network, and it is safe to anticipate the platform will not slow down its pace any time soon! However, despite Instagram unprecedented growth, many people still don’t know some of the astonishing facts about the platform. Here is a list of staggering statistics and facts about it, emphasizing innovative technologies the network provides to its users, creators and influencers.

1.     An influencer with less than 10k followers makes $88 per post.

Many users join Instagram to emerge as micro-influencers Fortunately, registering oneself on Instagram for money can indeed help you make some bucks. As per statistics, an influencer on Instagram with hardly 10,000 or fewer followers can make $88 per post. Earning increase when the followers are more – accounts with more than 100,000 followers make $200 for a post.

2.     Upgrade to a business account to view more stats

Do you want to know more about how you are performing on Instagram? Well, you can gain a high level of insight just by switching the ordinary profile to a business account. By upgrading the profile, you can view stats about your account’s followers and engagement.

3.     An average Instagram user has almost 150 followers.

Gaining more followers has been the motto of nearly every user who joins the platform. Because more are the followers, higher will be the engagement, which is why many companies are inclined to buy quality Instagram followers. Astoundingly, even after all the competition, an average user on Instagram has approximately 150 followers.

4.     Instagram ad revenue in 2021 reached $18.16 billion.

Considering the platform’s popularity, many businesses spend a tremendous amount of money on ads, which has made the channel’s ad revenue around $18.16 billion in 2021.

5.     61% of brands are determined to increase the advertising budget in 2021

Since everyone is aware of the exponential growth Instagram has made in the last year, many brands are planning to increase their ad expense for IG in 2021. Surprisingly, this willingness ratio is more than any other platform-  Facebook comes second with 46%, and YouTube third with 45%.


6.     An 80% increase in time spent watching Instagram videos is observed

Videos have taken the overall engagement ratio to a new height! According to this stat. Instagram is the perfect platform to post video content as this is the type of content that draws maximum engagement.

7.     Mark Zuckerberg bought Instagram for $1 billion in 2012

Many users may not know that both Instagram and WhatsApp are owned by the Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg. It was purchased by the social giant in 2012 at a $1 billion price tag. Ever since the channel is bought, the sky is the limit for the popularity of the platform.

8.     Instagram reached one billion users in 2018

The network has already achieved the milestone of one billion users. Three years back, in June 2018, the total active users on the platform were one billion, while it only had 130 million active monthly users in 2013.

9.     The majority of Instagram users are under 34 years old.

Instagram is the perfect platform if you want to target a young audience. Statista’s report on Instagram demographics shows over 31% of users are in the age range of 25-34 while 30% are between 18-24.

10. 80% of Instagram accounts are for personal use

Although brands and entrepreneurs find Instagram the best platform to widen their sales and over 80% of users still use Instagram for personal use, which is indeed an excellent thing for businesses. When 80% audience of the platform uses it for personal use, the remaining 20% has an impressive number of people to draw engagement from.

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