Blue Dream Strain Guide – How to use

Blue Dream Strain

If you are a cannabis user and are looking for a strain that brings you all the benefits of consuming marijuana, you cannot go wrong with Blue Dream terpenes. It is made by taking Blueberry, an Indica strain, and mixing it with Silver Haze, the best quality Sativa you can find.

Not only does it give the head high every smoker likes, but it also provides the body high that relaxes you. However, that is not all. Blue Dream terpene can also offer you a number of medical benefits. Given its high THC content, it is mostly used for treating stress, pain, and nausea.

The Effects and Characteristics of the Strain

Now that you know how it is made and what it is used for, you need to learn how you will feel after using it. For those who want a cannabis strain that has a good amount of THC content and can help with pain relief, Blue Dream is the answer.

With over 17% THC content, it is quite relaxing. However, you must also realize that this strain does not have much potency, and you might not be knocked out after consuming it.

It all begins with making you feel light-headed and happy. After a few minutes of smoking, you are sure to feel euphoric. However, if you are planning on consuming it through edibles using Blue Dream Spray Terpene, it takes a longer time to feel the effects. This strain is also good to consume before you indulge in creative ideas.

This is precisely why Blue Dream is such a favorite with medical patients. It allows the patients to feel relieved and energetic without gluing them to the couch or feeling burnt out.

How to grow Blue Dream?

Growing a Blue Dream strain is rather easy when compared to other strains with similar characteristics. You can grow them both indoors as well as outdoors. However, you should always keep in mind that these strains have a few Sativa genetics as well.

This makes the plants grow quite tall, making them suitable outdoor plants. Nevertheless, if you have previous experience with growing similar plants indoors and know all the right techniques, it can do quite well indoors as well.

Irrespective of where the plant is grown, it is a heavy feeder. It is known to grow heavy and dense buds. Nutrient-wise, it requires nitrogen quite a bit, twice as much as other plants. The plant will also need easy access to water which makes it unsuitable for guerilla grows.

With this information, it is not hard to understand why Blue Dream is a favorite amongst smokers and patients alike. While patients like the high THC content, which allows them to relieve pain, recreational users like the feeling of happiness and creativity. However, if you are considering using it for medical purposes, it is best if you consult your doctor before. They have the necessary experience to guide you for proper use.


Is Blue Dreams Indica or sativa?

Blue Dream is a Sativa-dominant hybrid medical marijuana strain. It results from a cross between Blueberry and Haze strains, producing a balanced high that stimulates the mind while providing full-body relaxation.

Does Blue Dream make you sleep?

Blue Dream is one of the best options for people who experience anxiety before going to bed. This is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a cannabis product to help you focus on falling asleep.

By Olivia Bradley

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