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The Community Guidelines provide guidance on what is and is not allowed on TikTok to help foster a fun, safe, and inclusive experience. We have developed technology and tools to identify and remove harmful content and conduct that goes against the Community Guidelines. These tools help us foster a safe environment in our community and maintain the integrity of our platform.

How content moderation works on TikTok

Content on TikTok is first analyzed by an algorithm that identifies and reports possible violations of the rules, such as nudity or violent and graphic content. When content is found to be in violation of the Community Guidelines, it is automatically removed or reported for further review by our Security Team.

What if your TikTok video is being reviewed?

If your TikTok content or video is being reviewed, our Security Team will decide whether or not it violated our Community Guidelines. The review can take place when a video is uploaded, or when it gains popularity or is reported.

If a violation has been detected:

  • We will remove the video and let you know why.
  • We will give you the opportunity to request removal review directly from the application.

If no violation has been detected:

  • The video will be posted on TikTok.
  • If the video is flagged or reported in the future, it may still be removed for violating our Community Guidelines.

What happens to your TikTok account if your content is reported or reported

Our system counts the number of violations for each user based on their severity and frequency. If you have committed a violation, we will notify you of the consequences in the Account Updates section of your Inbox. Breaking the rules more often will result in more penalties, including temporary or permanent suspension. You can also check the history of your violations in the Inbox.

First offense on your TikTok account

When your first violation is detected:

  • We’ll send you an in-app notice the first time your content violates the Community Guidelines.
    • If the violation violates the zero tolerance policy, it will result in an automatic ban. We may also lock a device to help prevent future account creation.

Multiple violations on your TikTok account

If this is not the first time you’ve broken the rules, we might take one or more actions, such as the following.

Temporary block:

  • Depending on the seriousness of the violation and the nature of the previous violations, we may deprive you of the possibility of performing some actions on the platform. For example, we will notify you if your account is suspended from doing one or more of the following: uploading a video, posting comments, sending direct messages, editing your profile, or starting a LIVE, among other things, for a certain period of time. (usually 24-48 hours).
    • In some cases, we may restrict your account to view-only mode (this restriction typically lasts for 72 hours to a week). This means that you will not be able to post content, send direct messages, or interact with any content during that period of time.

Permanent block:

  • After committing multiple violations, we will notify you that your account may be permanently locked. This means that if you persist in your behavior, the account would be permanently blocked from TikTok.
    • If we have locked your account, you will receive a notification about the lock the next time you open the app to inform you of this change to your account.

Important things to keep in mind about violations:

  • Per our zero tolerance policy, violations such as posting content related to child sexual abuse will result in automatic account ban. We may also lock a device to help prevent future account creation.
    • Accumulated violations, over time, will be deleted from your history.

What to do if your video has been removed or your account has been restricted or locked

If you believe your video has been removed or your account has been restricted or locked by mistake, you have the ability to submit a review request directly from the app.

If we conclude that your content or account should be reinstated:

• Such content or account will be reinstated (unless you have already deleted it).

• The penalty will be removed and will not affect your account.


By Olivia Bradley

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