5 Curb App Alternatives To Rely On While Riding A Taxi In Your City

curb app alternatives

Curb app was taxi magic in the USA that requested a regular taxi. It is an on-demand car service that calls for a professional to hire a ride-sharing taxi like Arro, Gett, Uber, Lyft, and many more.

No one would agree that hailing a cab is cheaper than owning a car and driving yourself. There are a number of companies that have transformed and adapted custom taxi app development to reach users worldwide.

Ridesharing is an eco-friendly way of commuting at lower rates, preventing traffic. As you are aware of Curb, there are multiple other companies that offer ride-sharing services.

What are the basic features of a taxi sharing app?

  • Mobility platform
  • Convenient and safe ride
  • Single platform booking
  • Booking
  • On-demand transportation services

Let us start with Curb App Alternatives


The San Francisco based company has reached 93 million active users and continues to provide services across the world. So no matter where you are, you can relax to get home as Uber has your back.

Uber fares are comparatively lower than any other ride and with the drivers on board, you should have no trouble in getting a taxi and reaching safely to your destination. If you don’t mind riding or sharing your cab with strangers, carpooling is what Uber has introduced for daily commuters at a very minimal rate.

It is a great idea for people traveling every day but cannot afford to pay the entire amount and instead they need to choose a local taxi which takes hours to reach. Uber offers a pool of cars and classes with different types of fares across the world. Let’s check:

  • UberX: a basic four-seater sedan service
  • UberComfort: New cars that give additional legroom
  • UberXL: Affordable and comfortable six-seater SUV car for long-run
  • UberPool: allows customers from different pick and drop points along the route to share the sedan seat and the cost
  • UberBlack SUV: Up to five passengers for a luxurious ride
  • UberWAV: Wheelchair and scooter-accessible vehicles to assist disabled passengers

Apart from all these classes, Uber Assist is one of the options introduced for disabled people. This is rare to find in any other on-demand taxi service. The Uber taxi app development has included this option in the city where they will be supported by a professional driver and a car large enough to accommodate a folding wheelchair or folding scooter.


Lyft is the second largest platform for ride-sharing. It offers transportation to over 644 US cities and is emerging to expand internationally. Lyft is also available in 12 cities in Canada.  Perhaps the brightest pink mustache is what attracts all the users with the range of vehicles like Uber from average-sized autos to plus cars. They have joined with scooters but have yet to gain 100% results.

Much like Uber, Lyft demands prices during peak hours. Lyft caps over 3x premiums, unlike Uber. it definitely sounds too rich for Lyft. It offers a carpooling service too that lets you split the fare between the passengers if they opt for a plus car.

  • Original Lyft– Regular cars for seating availability of up to three passengers
  • Lyft XL– Regular vehicles for up to five passengers
  • Lyft Lux– A premium black car for luxurious vehicles
  • Lyft Black – A ride in a luxurious premium black vehicle
  • Lyft Black XL– A premium black SUV with seating for up to five people

Have you booked a ride with  these apps? You should surely download and try both the apps. They have a different class and experience that they offer the users while booking and riding with them. Apart from Curb, you can also try these for availing benefits and the drivers can also try these apps to earn extra income per hour.

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An Israel based taxi alternative formerly known as GetTaxi has a huge user base that has neck-to-neck competition to Uber and Lyft. Gett covers more than 100 cities in the UK, USA, and Israel. Gett gives you a normal ride as well as a luxurious ride in a limousine.

Though the biggest incentive of using Gett is the pricing part that charges a premium price during peak hours and a comparative hourly wage rate like Uber and Lyft. These charges are shared with the drivers like Uber and Lyft.


The San Francisco based ride sharing application that provided transportation to airports. Apart from airport rides, they offer to and fro city rides in specific selected cities. They are currently running in 16 metro areas including 22 airports.

Wingz gives you an opportunity to book your cab a month or two prior with a fixed rate. You don’t have to worry about the charges and fees. So, why is Qingz different from the other cab alternatives?  

Riders can pick their own ride, car and drivers, and the company promises to provide you the best at an affordable price much less than a taxi or a limo.


According to this on-demand taxi app, Arro taps more than 20,000 licensed taxis to provide taxi services. Unfortunately, currently, Arro is serving limited cities like New York, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Houston, Miami, and London.

All you have to do is confirm your location and a dedicated driver will reach the pickup point at the select time and desired location. Because people rely on apps, Arro has the best-designed UI for users’ convenience. The fares are more stable than any other taxi-hailing service. They are based on a meter like a local taxi and not a fixed rate like Uber and Lyft.

This is the reason Arro claims to be the most promising and reliable taxi-hailing service than any other company in the USA.


From the above, all top taxi-hailing companies which one do you think is the best? All are Curb alternatives that aim to serve people for easy, quick, reliable commutation. These apps offer service like never before and have proved to be the best than local taxi service in your city.

Today, the top companies booming the taxi market are Uber and Lyft. The question Uber vs Lyft has risen after the increase in the number of users every day. So, if you are a startup to a taxi company or already running a taxi service company, you can shift to digitization and develop a mobile application like Uber or Lyft for users to experience a hassle-free ride.

By Olivia Bradley

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