Desiremovie was released on October 5, 2017. It is a movie which is mainly of the genres drama and comedy. This movie stars Agostina Bettinelli and Pampita as the two sisters Lucia Juvan and Ofelia. This is a movie which revolves around the story of the sisters and their rivalry with each other, how they finally meet after 7 years and how they find out that they both desire the same man. Sounds quite interesting, right? We sure do. And so to give you more details and insight on this amazing drama movie, we have provided almost all the information related to this movie below. So read it out before you decide on whether to watch it or not. 

Also if you wonder where you can watch this movie, then we are here to tell you that also. 

You can watch this movie online now as it is available to watch on Netflix worldwide.

Now as you scroll down, you will find out what is the storyline of the desiremovie, what are the film details, who are the producers, directors and complete information of the film cast and many more details of the film. So keep reading to find out almost everything about this movie.

Storyline of the desiremovie

So the storyline of the movie is as follows:

Ophelia and Lucia would never have been friends actually but they both were sisters. Now it’s the day of Lucia’s wedding. She is going to marry Juan, who has been her partner for the past 4 years. Carmen, Lucia’s mother, who is a denying and optimistic mother, decides to invite her another daughter Ophelia in the wedding of Lucia’s so that the rivalry between the two sisters who have not even seen each other for almost 7 years can be ended. Now, Ofelia arrives at the wedding of her sister accompanied by her partner whose name is Andres. These both have been living isolated in the middle of the Jungle ( Amazon ). Both the sisters are pushed again by the sweet wishes of the others. They both return to be a prey to that trap. Ofelia here becomes more calm but also more primitive, free, animal and dangerous. Lucia, on the other hand, is territorial and strong and feels powerful even though there is something which is not under her control and that is the desire of her husband. Juan and Ofelia actually desire each other from the time they first looked at each other. Ofelia, who is fragile, stormy and was also the freest whenever it comes to explore her sexuality. 

Lucia has always enjoyed much through her sister. She did spied on her and she was very disciplined and voyeur. Niw, the encounter between Ophelia and Juan begins as a very disturbing fantasy in the minds of the three, but until the bodies ask them to join. 

Both of the couples live a shared honeymoon in the ‘La Dreamed’ cliff house. At this place, the makeout between the two couples that are Ophelia and Andres and Juan and Lucia becomes escape and discharge only but thus both the sisters know that they are condemned to desire the same man. 

Film Details of the desiremovie

The few of the main details of this movie are:

  1. The release date- 5th October, 2017 ( Argentina )
  2. Official sites- Official Facebook and Aleph Website
  3. Movie also known as- Desearás al hombre tu hermana
  4. Filming Locations of the movie- Argentina, Federal District and Buenos Aires
  5. Production companies of movie- Aleph Media, Hei Films and Claudia Corbelli Producciones
  6. Its Language- Spanish
  7. Cinematography- Federico Cantini
  8. Art Directors- Juan Cavia and Walter Cornas
  9. Genres of the film- Thriller, Drama, Romance and Comedy
  10. Country of Origin- Argentina
  11. Box Office Worldwide Gross- 442,472 dollars
  12. Music Director- Ivan Wyszogrod
  13. Its Technical aspects:
  1. Aspect Ratio- 2.35 : 1
  2. Runtime- 1 hour 33 minutes

Information about directors, producers and cast of desiremovie

We have provided the complete information of the names of all the directors, producers and whole cast of this movie, find it out below.

  1. Directed by- Diego Kaplan
  2. Producers of the movie :
  1. Executive Producer- Victoria Aizenstat
  2. Producer- Claudia Corbelli
  3. Associate Producer- Dani Da Rosa ( as Dani Da Roa )
  4. Producer- Diego Kaplan
  5. Executive Producer- Fernando
  6. Producer- Fernando Sokolowicz
  7. Producer- Alex Kahanoff
  8. Producer- Weinschelbaum
  9. Cast of the movie includes :
  1. Carolina Ardohain – Ofelia
  2. Monica Antonopulos – Lucia
  3. Juan Sorini – Juan
  4. Guilherme Winter – Andres
  5. Andrea Frigerio- Carmen
  6. Sol Charo Martinez – Ofelia Joven
  7. Agostina Bettinelli – Lucia Joven (As Agostina Rasario Bettinelli)
  8. Luciana Sismondi – Carmen Joven
  9. Federica Perez – Ofelia Nena
  10. Elena Dinardo – Lucia Nena
  11. Andres Nunez – Roberto Joven
  12. Frantz Chini Etienne – Enrique
  13. Luis Lugo – Roberto
  14. Juan Nevani – Musico/ Tecladista
  15. Michaela Santos – Invitada
  16. Daniel Patera – Lugareno Carniceria
  17. Julio Chiorazo – Medico (as Julio Chirozi)
  18. Flavia Navarrate – Invitada Mayor
  19. Sebastian Costa – Doblaje Enrique
  20. Gonzalo Suarez – Doblaje Roberto (as Gonzalo Saurez)

Nominations received by the Desire Movie

There are various nominations that are received by desiremovie, mostly of which are part of the Condor Awards. These are:

  1. Silver Condor Award for Best Costume Design
  2. Silver Condor Award for Best Makeup and Hair
  3. Silver Condor Award Best Art Direction
  4. Silver Condor Award for Best Original Score

More movies that are similar to the desiremovie

There are many more movies that are quite similar to this film and if you enjoyed watching this one, then you will probably enjoy watching these too. So the names of the other movies are:

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Desiremovie is a movie which is full of drama, thriller, romance and comedy. It is a story of two sisters who don’t like each other and have not met for almost 7 years. Later, in the marriage of the one sister, they both meet and find out how both desire for the same man. It’s an interesting story that did stand out when it was released and was liked by a lot of people. 

And so we believe there’s nothing that you should wait for now. Just go and binge watch this not so long movie and enjoy its story which is full of drama.

By Olivia Bradley

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