Formstack Document & E-Signature Problems/Solutions 

formstack document and e-signature solutions

You can fastly automated in formstack, where we can easily automate forms with documents and e-sign. You won’t have to worry about printing, mailing, or faxing papers again if you use Formstack’s eSignature integration options.

Document and E-Signature Software: 

Despite what you may have read or heard elsewhere, electronic signatures are just as secure as traditional pen and paper ones. These signatures are a great choice when compliance and security are at issue due to their simplified nature. They decrease the need for emailing, scanning, and printing, significantly lowering the possibility that a signed document may fall into the wrong hands.

However, there is a catch: You must be sure that the electronic signature software you choose has the appropriate built-in security safeguards.

For instance, electronic signatures are kept secure using the same technology that protects banking transactions.

Additionally, keep an eye out for industry-specific standards or laws that can impact how you gather electronic signatures. For instance, to lower the risk of HIPAA noncompliance, healthcare organizations and business partners that gather signatures for patient data documents will need to find software.

Insufficient Useful Integrations

If you can’t use the data, what good is it? Your data might be kept in multiple locations, which is the problem. Your CRM, e-commerce platform or even your Outlook inbox may have it. You must manually retype all the information into the new format or pay more for customization if your document or signature solution doesn’t interact with your preferred apps.

To increase the possibility that formstack will connect your apps right out of the box, look for design and document solutions with 100+ connections. Hundreds of well-known apps are Integrated with Formstack Documents and Formstack Sign so you can:

Add information to your docs

Signatures collections 

Transmit data to your favored cloud storage service

Complex Document Creation

It would help if you didn’t know the code to create a professional-looking document or enable a contract for electronic signature. Yet, some solutions need the drag-and-drop functionality your team needs to build beautiful customer-facing assets quickly. That means training new employees to use less-than-intuitive software and wasting precious time whenever you need to develop new docs. 

Drag-and-drop functionality is a must for teams that want to move fast. At Formstack, we’ve known this since the beginning, so we built solutions to help you create beautiful forms and documents in minutes. Our drag-and-drop builder lets you build documents and easily add fields like signatures, initials and dates. Does field placement need to be corrected? Easily adjust with a click.

Unreliable & Insecure Signatures:

Because it is required by law, the majority of E-Signature tools uphold HIPAA and regulatory compliance. What occurs, though, if a signer claims they did not sign a document? Do you have the proof you need to show the signer engaged with the paper and the signature was enforceable thanks to your solution?

Invest in a specialized system that records every action for later analysis to keep your business out of trouble. With every signed document, Formstack Sign gives you a thorough, FDA-compliant audit trail so you can see exactly who signed what and when. Additionally, all of the data you save is secured by robust encryption, giving you the assurance that you are treating your consumers fairly.

How our team do well organize processes and automate it?

Desol International have advance automation solutions and helps you rapidly create processes. We provide Low Code/No Code automation as well as Formstack API development and external API integration. Having our extensive backend experience, we can help you with any integration. We convert your forms into papers and procedures to increase the productivity of your job. We perform all of these automation transformations that produce forms that are ideal for your specifications & needs.

By Olivia Bradley

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