How to check someone location by phone number

How to check someone’s location by phone number

There are several proven ways to check someone’s location by mobile number. In this article, we will get acquainted with each of them in order to learn how to check someone’s location on the phone.

Search by geolocation

Geolocation is the determination of the exact location of an object using technologies such as satellite networks (GPS) and LBS – determining the location of a mobile phone from base station signals using the reverse geodetic resection method.

Usually, the second option is used to calculate the geoposition of the device.

The main advantage of this method was the lack of binding to satellite systems. But here an obvious drawback is also formed: it is impossible to accurately determine the location of the desired gadget. Also, determining the location depends on the type of network, since the error, depending on the location, may not be 200 meters (as in a city), but several kilometers (if we talk about forests, underground structures and industrial zones).

The more base stations around a person with a smartphone, the higher the likelihood that the system will be able to calculate the exact location of the owner of the desired number.

Search through the operator

The telecom operator can most accurately determine the geolocation of a person by phone number. The only catch is that he has the right to do this under the following circumstances: at the request of the police or other competent authorities, and this is a rather lengthy process. During the time spent, the user’s phone may be discharged or the attacker will have time to escape.

With a special service

Mobile service providers often offer special services to check someone’s location of the phone (legally with his consent).

Almost any mobile operator considers it provides a number direction finding service (that is, determining the location of a mobile phone using a SIM card). The option is paid, but inexpensive. Its connection occurs through the subscriber’s personal account or in the operator’s salon.

We list the names of this service from well-known Russian operators:

  • MTS / Beeline – “Locator”
  • Tele 2 – “Geopoisk”
  • Megaphone – “Radar”

You can find out the location data using SMS to your mobile phone or through a special program.

An important point: when providing this service, providers use a search by base stations, that is, the coordinates will also be with a large error (in a city of 100-200 meters, in a forest or an industrial zone without towers, it will not search at all). In addition, the service does not work when the mobile phone is turned off.

Search through Google or Apple accounts

You can check someone’s location by number or find the gadget itself if it is stolen or lost online using the built-in functions of Google and iCloud.

Disadvantage: These features work only if geolocation and remote control are enabled on the target mobile device. In the case of a child, the parents have access to the account by default.

With the help of Google services, you need to go through 3 stages:

  1. enter the search engine from any browser;
  2. go to the menu, click “My account” and scroll down the page;
  3. select “search for phone”.

The service will request access to a Google account and a security code. After entering the data, it will determine the exact location of the device. To implement this method, the user number must be associated with the account, and GPS must be working on the phone. Otherwise, the system will not be able to find anything.

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Applications for finding a person by the location of his phone

Let’s talk about programs designed specifically to find out where the smartphone is.

1. Find My Friends

This free and easy-to-use application has a wide range of features to clearly track people by their mobile number. Also, service users have the opportunity to create a circle where people entering there can not only see each other, but also communicate with each other.

Download: for Android, iOS

2. GeoLocator

The application can not only track the movements of a child (or an adult), but can serve as a babysitter or an Internet walkie-talkie, forming feedback. In addition, the service has a good soft support team.

Download: for Android

3. Sygic Family Locator

At first it seemed that the program was unremarkable. It is equipped with an SOS button, GPS-search for people by number and a built-in messenger. But in 2016, the developers made a marketing and technological breakthrough – the service algorithm learned to independently send information to relatives about the departures and landings of aircraft on which the subject was flying.

Download: for Android, for iOS


Now you know about fairly simple and effective ways to find a phone. To determine its location, it is not enough to enter a mobile number in the search bar of the browser. In life, different situations arise and there are times when it is extremely necessary to quickly find a loved one.

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