How To Guide: Creating A Gallery Wall

As a collection of items hung together in a group, a gallery wall can celebrate photographs, artwork, and even personal treasures to produce an aesthetically pleasing sight. Gallery walls have increased in popularity over the last several years, offering a simple way to brighten up your bland walls, provide some personality to your interiors, and form a focal point within your house.

So, why use wallpaper or paint to liven your place up when you can make your own gallery wall? To find out how you can approach this project, read on for more information!

The basics

When thinking about making a gallery wall, you need to consider a few different options. For example, where will you place your masterpiece? Up the staircase, in the living room, or in the hallway are all popular places to kick things off.

Furthermore, you need to think about what approach you will take. Will you use your personal photographs and art to frame each item individually? Or will you purchase a set of framed prints which you can hang straight onto the wall? The choice is yours. After figuring these things out, you can get properly stuck in!

Collect your items!

Firstly, you need to start gathering a collection of things you want to see hanging on your wall, whether this is your own photographs, original art, or handmade prints. Within your collection process, consider the scale of your grouping and how you’d like to arrange things. Think about if you’d want a mixture of different sized frames or a uniform structure. Don’t be afraid to mix things up. Contrasting colours and themes can make an interesting and eye-catching feature on your walls. Unsure what theme or style to go for? Check out our Gallery Walls section for inspiration.

Choose your theme

After gathering a large enough collection, it’s time to pick your favourite items and group them concerning themes. Possible themes include family and memorable occasions. Don’t forget about colour themes too!

Measure up and lay things out

You’ll need to measure your wall space and lay your collected items out on the ground. Take some time to stand back and observe them all together. This can help you identify anything that seems out of place. Remember to pick your frames after designing your perfect combination and see how the combination works with these added layers. You want to get a good idea of what your collection will look like together before you place it on your wall.

Start hanging!

To hang up the frames, you’ll require picture hooks or nails and a hammer, along with a ruler, pencil, rubber, and wall filler – in case you make a mistake. You will need to draw – lightly – on your wall where the top corners of your picture frames will hang. Measure up and make a mark of how much lower down the picture frame you want the nail holes to be. Start hammering and start hanging! Ensure that your frames are straight with a spirit level.


As you can probably tell, a great deal of thought can go into creating a quality gallery wall. However, by following the simple steps above, you should be able to transform your dull walls into something extraordinary. Happy decorating!

By Olivia Bradley

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