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Laser tattoo removal

Getting laser tattoo removal in Dubai is a great choice for people who want to remove tattoos that have become permanent. The procedure is fast and efficient, and can leave you looking like you’ve never had a tattoo. The most important thing to consider before getting any type of tattoo removal is the health of your skin. If you have a history of skin problems, such as saggy skin, skin cancer, or a history of getting rashes, you may want to avoid the procedure.


Getting rid of a tattoo isn’t as simple as just picking the nearest shop. Tattoos are illegal in the Emirates, which means you need to be smart about where you get your body art. BellaViso is the place to go for pain free laser tattoo removal in Dubai. They also offer a comprehensive care pathway for all ages.

They also have a nice selection of medical spa treatments including facial and body treatments. The company has an impressive suite of services, including dermatology and ophthalmology. It also has a reputation for its cutting-edge technology and medical treatments. The company has a good range of high-tech medical equipment, including the latest in laser technology, laser resurfacing and tattoo removal.


Whether you are planning to get a new tattoo or are removing an old one, you need to follow a tattoo removal aftercare plan to ensure a fast and effective healing process. Following a few easy tips can make the process easier.

For the first two to three days following laser tattoo removal, you may experience a lot of pain and irritation. This is because the skin may swell up after the treatment. You can reduce the pain by using Tylenol or ibuprofen. It’s also a good idea to apply ointment to your skin to lessen the chances of scarring.

In addition, avoid any harsh or hot treatments for at least a week. This will help to protect the treated skin and reduce the risk of infection.


Using the latest technology, Laser Tattoo Removal in Dubai will help you to get rid of unwanted tattoos. It is a safe and painless procedure that will leave your skin looking clean and refreshed.

Laser tattoo removal in Dubai uses the latest technology to target tattoo pigments without causing damage to your skin. It breaks up ink particles and releases them into the lymphatic system for disposal. The results are impressive.

The number of sessions required to remove a tattoo will depend on its size and design. For small tattoos, you may need fewer sessions. However, larger tattoos require more sessions.

In order to remove a tattoo, you need to make sure that you follow the instructions of your dermatologist. You may need to avoid hot water for a week or so, avoid physical activity for 48 hours, and wear sunscreen. During the removal process, you should also use a topical antibiotic to prevent infection.


Unlike traditional tattoo removal procedures, PicoSure is a non-surgical laser treatment. It offers effective skin rejuvenation and reduction in signs of aging. In addition, it has been shown to be effective in the removal of pigmented lesions and acne scars.

PicoSure lasers are the latest generation of lasers available on the market. These lasers combine the highest peak power with unprecedented safety. Read more on BellaViso.

This technology uses picosecond pulses to target tattoo color pigments. Instead of heating the skin like previous lasers, PicoSure’s energy is delivered through a photomechanical effect. This causes the tattoo color pigments to be broken down into smaller fragments. These fragments are then naturally absorbed by the body. The metabolized ink particles are eliminated by the lymphatic system.

Picosecond laser tattoo removal

Using the Picosecond laser is a safe and effective way to remove a tattoo. It works by breaking ink particles into smaller pieces that are absorbed by the skin’s cells. This allows more of the ink to be removed.

The Picosecond laser can be used to treat many different types of tattoos. In fact, it is considered to be the safest type of laser available for tattoo removal. It also provides results that are more visible on good quality skin.

The Picosecond laser is designed to remove tattoos more quickly and completely than previous methods. It is considered the fastest laser in the dermatology industry.

A recent study on the effectiveness of the Picosecond laser showed that the laser was able to remove at least 75% of a tattoo after only one or two treatments. The laser broke up ink particles into small pieces, and then scavenged the fragments by dermal macrophages. This process was followed by lymphatic drainage of the tattoo fragments.

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