MSOLUTION Review – Is It a Legitimate Proprietary Trading Firm?

Welcome to our MSOLUTION review. In this article, we will provide an overview of MSOLUTION, a prop trading company that offers opportunities for traders. We will explore how the firm operates and answer important questions regarding its legitimacy.

MSOLUTION is a prop trading firm that differs from traditional brokers as it focuses on proprietary trading. Rather than trading on behalf of clients and earning commissions, MSOLUTION invests its own capital for direct margin gain. Let’s delve deeper into our MSOLUTION review to understand its features and offerings.

Pros and Cons of MSOLUTION


  • Reasonable opening deposit requirement to participate in the trading program.
  • Availability of popular trading platforms, such as MetaTrader 4.
  • High leverage of up to 1:100, enabling traders to amplify their positions.
  • Potential for high profits, with returns reaching up to 75%.
  • Suitable for trading both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.


  • Strict testing procedure with a maximum allowable loss of 12%.
  • May have limited options for trading stocks and futures.
  • No information available regarding bonuses or promotions.

The Basics of Our MSOLUTION Review

MSOLUTION is an international trading platform that provides traders with an opportunity to engage in proprietary trading. To begin trading with MSOLUTION, you are required to create an account and make an opening deposit of at least the specified amount. Accepted currencies for deposits include US dollars, euros, British pounds, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, Swiss francs, and Czech koruna. However, it is important to note that we did not find any information regarding bonuses or promotions offered by MSOLUTION.

Upon making your deposit, you will need to pass 1 specific test known as the MSOLUTION Challenge. Successful completion of test grants you access to a funded trading account with a capital allocation of $1.000.000

Once you have gained access to the funded account, you can engage in leveraged trading of up to 1:100 across various instruments, including currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices, and commodities. According to MSOLUTION, achieving profitability of up to 75% after passing the initial test is possible

What to Expect in the MSOLUTION Challenge Review

To join MSOLUTION as a trader, you will need to pass a one-step testing process consisting of the MSOLUTION Challenge stage. Let’s take a closer look at the evaluation process:

MSOLUTION Challenge: The MSOLUTION Challenge requires you to select an opening deposit amount ranging from $27.000 to $500.000. The test fee varies depending on the chosen deposit amount, with a minimum fee of $120 applicable for a $27.000 deposit.

During the Challenge, you will be tested on your trading skills, aiming to achieve a minimum profit of 10% within a trading period of 7 to 60 days. Failure to keep losses below 10% of the initial deposit will result in failing the Challenge.

M solution don’t have second stage of Verification 

Successful completion.

Discover the genuine rewards of trading efforts with MSOLUTION, as traders experience an impressive payout system. The firm proudly presents tangible proof of remarkable financial success through a series of images showcasing real payout records. These visual representations solidify MSOLUTION’s commitment to delivering substantial profits and affirm their dedication to the traders they serve.


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