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Nowadays assignment is a very common part of academic study. Students are provided some instructions for writing the assignment. Along with writing information about the topic in the assignment, making the assignment presentable is also important to achieving good grades. If the assignment is clearly organized and written in a proper style, it will impress the reader or professors.

Writing quality and well-presentable assignments is very difficult for students. USA students mostly submit their assignments online. Using the operating system for assignment writing is convenient for writing as well as for examination. Online Assignment Help experts can provide well-written assignments on any topic. Well in this article, students can learn some easy tips to write the assignment on MS Word.  

Microsoft Word is used to write large documents. It has various tools that help to write and design the assignment.

Tips To Write Assignment on MS Word

Follow the points to write an assignment on MS Word.  

  1. Microsoft office has different apps like PowerPoint, Excel, MS Word, etc. You can choose the best one according to your assignment need. Microsoft Word is the most convenient tool to write and save documents.  
  2. When it comes to writing the assignment on MS Word, you need to plan how you will draft the paper on the docx. file. There are many functions and tools available on the top bar for inserting images, pictures, graphics, etc. You can also change or set the font size, style, color, page layout, orientation, and various other settings on-page.
  3. Set the standard A4 size page and margin of 2.5 cm on all sides of the page.
  4. When you access the Word page, you will see the title bar on the top of the page. It indicates the title of the text you specified such as document 1, document2, etc. While saving the page you can edit the name as per your requirement.
  5. You can use the bold or Italic function to highlight the heading. For setting the heading style, click on the small Style icon or button. Select or highlight the style to modify and then right-click.  Modify dialog box will appear and you can change the font style and size as per your requirement and click OK.
  6. In the toolbar, there are some important tools that provide good readability of the document. Above the toolbar, the menu bar is positioned and it comprises a set of icons that the user can use to perform several tasks.
  7. There is a ruler available on the screen that helps the user to adjust the page. You can set the alignment of the image, text, margin section, or drawings.  
  8. Word offers a simple way to insert and delete the characters or words. To delete one character to the right of the entry, press the Delete button. It deletes one character per time. To delete multiple characters, press Ctrl + Delete.  
  9. To save the document click on FILE and then go to the Save option. Type the name for the document in the file name box and click on Save. To save the entire document press Ctrl + S.

Writing assignment in MS Word is easier for students. The Online Assignment Help experts also provide well-composed assignment in the required format. You can take their assignment help to write your assignment and use their style of formatting and writing assignment. By following the above tips or getting assignment help from experts, students can achieve good grades in their university assignments.   

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