Patient Click EHR vs MedGre EHR: Comparison

Patient Click is a web-based EMR system that allows physicians to work with their patients through an online portal. Physicians can monitor a patient’s health status, send reminders and prescriptions electronically, and keep track of patient medical history. The patientclick system also provides a user-friendly interface for accessing patient records and making notes on them.

MedGre’s EMR software is designed for use in the ambulatory setting. The software is based on the ICD-10 CM coding system (the most recent version of the International Classification of Diseases), which allows you to code diagnoses and procedures according to national standards. You can also add custom fields to your records, such as allergies or medications taken, so you can easily find information later if it becomes necessary.

Patient Click EMR Features

Secure Online Access

Patients can access their medical history from any computer with internet access. They can also request refills and make payments online through their secure MyHealth account.


Scheduling appointments is easy with this patient management software. You can set up reminders for patients who have not scheduled an appointment, so they don’t forget about it. You can also see which patients need to schedule an appointment and send them reminders via email or text message.


This medical billing software allows you to generate professional invoices and statements in seconds! It also gives you complete control over your billing process with customizable templates that allow you to choose what information goes into each invoice or statement based on your specific needs.

Patient Portal

The Patient Portal allows you to share your personal information with the doctor or practice in a secure manner. The portal allows you to view your test results, make appointments and send messages securely from anywhere on the internet.


Patient Click EMR is compatible with most other EMR systems thanks to its open architecture and interoperability features. This feature allows your patients to access their data from any device that has internet access. It also makes it easy for you as a provider to share information with other doctors who use different systems when necessary for a specific procedure or test result. You can also share information between multiple computers by using cloud storage solutions like Dropbox or Google Drive as well as sharing documents through email attachments or sending them directly from within the application itself without having to install anything extra on your computer first like other systems require in order to work properly with them at all times during your daily workflow activities.

MedGre EMR Features

Integrated medical billing software

MedGre EMR integrates with several different billing software programs such as Express Billing and eMedicare. This allows you to send bills to your patients electronically so they don’t have to wait for their statements. The program also supports multiple insurance companies which makes it easy for you to bill patients for their medical services.

Patient check-in

When your patients come into your office they can check themselves in using their own smartphone or tablet device. If they don’t have one they can use the kiosk in your office which supports any major smartphone OS including iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS, etc… You will receive an immediate notification when someone checks themselves in so you know exactly who is in the office at any given time.

Document management

MedGre’s document management system allows you to store all of your patient records in one place so they can be accessed

Easy-to-use interface

MedGre EMR is easy to use, even for beginners. You can easily create and manage your patient’s health records with this software.

Supports multiple languages

This software supports different languages like Spanish and French so that you can communicate effectively with all your patients without any problem.


MedGre EMR is compatible with Windows 7 and 8, 10, XP, and Vista operating systems. So, no matter what operating system you use; you can still use this software without any problems at all.

Patient Click EMR Reviews vs MedGre EMR Reviews

Patient Click EMR has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars on G2Crowd (a research firm that collects user reviews). The medical billing software has an average score of 4.4 stars with users, with the majority being positive.

MedGre EMR has an average score of 3.9 stars on Capterra (another research firm that collects user reviews). It also has an average score of 4.0 stars with users, but more users gave it a rating below 3 stars than above 3 stars.

Patient Click EMR Pricing vs MedGre EMR Pricing

In order to decide which software is best for your practice, it is important to consider the cost. Patient Click EMR Demo and MedGre EMR Demo both offer free Demo versions, so you can try them out before making a purchase. Both programs have different pricing models based on the number of users you add to your account.

If you want to use Patient Click with more than one user, it will cost $50 per month for each additional user. In comparison, MedGre charges $45 per month for each additional user but only if they are billing physicians or advanced practice nurses (APNs). There is no additional charge if they are billing other staff members such as transcriptionists or medical assistants.

Patient Click EMR vs MedGre EMR: The Verdict

The Patient Click and MedGre EMR systems are two of the more popular choices for small medical practices. Both offer a range of useful features and capabilities, as well as an intuitive user experience. However, there are some key differences between the two systems that you should be aware of before making your purchase decision.

For example, Patient Click offers an open API to allow users to integrate with other systems such as billing and scheduling apps. In addition to this, they have also released their software under an open-source license so that other developers can enhance or customize it further.

In contrast, MedGre EMR has a more closed approach when it comes to its software development process. This means that they have less flexibility in terms of what they can do and how they can develop their product in the future.

By Olivia Bradley

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