The Different Types of Cabinetry You’ll Find in Allure Kitchens

Cabinets are an essential part of any kitchen, and you want yours to look and function beautifully! Allure Kitchens can help you find the right kind of cabinets to suit your needs and create the kitchen of your dreams. To start, we’ve developed this guide to some of the different types of cabinets we use in all our kitchens in order to help you get an idea of what’s available on the market today and how each option will work with your kitchen design.

Stock Kitchen Cabinets

Allure kitchens use a variety of cabinets, with the most popular being stock cabinets. These are the kind you can find at any big box hardware store or lumber yard. They’re made from plywood and come in various widths and lengths to meet your needs. Other types include:

  • stock doors with raised panel design
  • stock doors with flat panel design
  • custom-built cabinets with raised panel design
  • custom-built cabinets with flat panel design
  • custom-built drawers for kitchen islands

Allure is happy to work within your budget, so if you have a specific cabinet style or size in mind, just let us know! We’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

Semi-Custom Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to cabinetry, there are a lot of options. One type is what we call Semi-Custom Kitchen Cabinets. They’re just one step below custom cabinets and offer a more affordable way to get a new kitchen without going all the way. The best part about semi-custom cabinets is that you can build them to look like any style, from Shaker Kitchen Cabinets to transitional or contemporary kitchen cabinets. And they’re built with high quality materials to make sure they last. So whether you’re looking for something traditional or modern, we have the perfect design for your home!

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Allure Kitchen uses a variety of styles for our custom kitchen cabinets. The most popular is the Shaker design. A Shaker kitchen cabinet features simple lines and no decorative details. Its simplicity is what makes it so appealing. Besides not being too detailed, this style has a few other features that make it popular: solid construction, clean lines, and practicality. These qualities have made the Shaker design one of the most common choices for many homeowners who are looking for new cabinets to replace their old ones at home or for their business.

There are many other styles you will find in Allure Kitchen’s catalogs too!

Cabinet Accessories

Allure Kitchen’s showroom is filled with all the best choices for cabinetry. It can be overwhelming to make a final decision, but our cabinet experts are here to help! One question you might have is what kind of cabinetry should I get? This is a tough question, because there are so many options that it’s hard to know what you want before coming into the store. With that being said, we’ve listed some common types below:

  • Shaker Kitchen Cabinets- These are a timeless favorite and come with all the features you need. If you’re looking for something traditional and elegant, this might be your choice!
By Olivia Bradley

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