Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds Spoiler- A Story of Vengeance and Betrayal

Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds Spoiler is a masterpiece manhwa that is based on the story of a specially competent girl. Lua is the lady who has the hidden power to heal sufferers. She is the main character in this manhwa. She turns into a villainess after getting bad treatment from Garrot. This transformation from good to bad conscience sets an example for people to learn how to become more conscious to resist what is bad. It is a social folly. This is the critical situation in which a man is helpless and weak. Lua has derailed from her ideology and she has become a witch to cast bad magic on others. This story is interesting but there is no happy ending. The heroine is sinful and she has lost her moral value. In this novel, the author has tried to highlight the impact of evil spirits on people. You need to decide what to do to save you from the risks and disaster.

Plot Construction of Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds Spoiler

Vengeance from a Saint Full of Wounds Spoiler is a type of manhwa or webtoon series. The fiction turns into reality. A powerful woman is bound to heal wounds by using hidden magical power. She bears the pain which is borne by sufferers. However, she is not uncomfortable when she receives the bad impact of painful sores and blisters. The plot construction of this story is smooth and nicely interwoven. The arrangement of events for presentation in the story is done artistically. Lua who is a magician is now a bad woman under circumstances. Her womanhood has received the touch of atrocity and violence. She became a violent witch who knew how to take revenge against those who duped her. Here, the heroine is taking vengeance because she is neglected by society. This injustice is not bearable for her. Society should value womanhood, modesty, and honesty. 

Another breakthrough in this novel is the decision taken by Lua and Swen to help people suffering from diseases. She is now another woman who is not so bad. She decides to punish her enemies but she is also decent and kind-hearted for the under-poverty line section in the society. She deserves sympathy as she is the victim of the circumstances.

Our Tyrant Became Young Spoiler- Good Manhwa

Our Tyrant Became Young Spoiler is another interesting manhwa that has depicted the character of Kestean. He has possessed the hidden magical power through learning. He wants to use his talent for good causes. However, his father is against him. Father does not permit him to save others from danger. Kestean is a typical magician who has not stooped to someone under fear. His morality and mental strength are uncountable. Here, the fight between good and bad consciences is unstoppable and sustainable. 


Right now, people like to read adventurous stories and novels. The webtoon series online streaming portals are becoming popular. These two Manhwahs showcase two parts of conscience – good and bad. Man has the right to choose for the upliftment of the society. ‘

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