What Factors to Consider While Buying Speed Cube 

Speed Cube

There has never been a better moment to purchase a unique speed cube than now. Over the previous decade, speed cubes have progressed from incredibly well-thought-out designs and improvements to pure excellence. New manufacturers have entered the market, and there are now so many alternatives to consider when purchasing a cube that it might be daunting. However, browsing this article will ensure that the selection process is much easier and that you come across the finest choices. 

The Ultimate Speed Cube Purchasing Guide

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Considerations Before Buying a Cube

Price factor 

Let us begin with the most obvious. Before you start looking for puzzles, you should make a budget. Although cube costs are gradually growing, several viable choices are available for lower prices. Make sure that you maintain quality to save money. 

Magnetic objects

Magnets are currently included in most cubes to help with turning precision, which has been the norm in the last three years. You must select whether or not you are interested in your cubes. If you do, depending on your budget, there are cubes with static magnets and others with adjustable strength. You may prefer magnetic force cubes with a medium magnetic force. Fortunately, Speed Cubes allows you to adjust the magnetic power to your liking. This feature isn’t that useful, but it’s there if you need it. So don’t feel bad if you buy a magnetic cube with static magnets. After all, they are more or less the same. 

Cubes with and without Stickers

This one is quite simple. Since WCA decided to make stickerless cubes legal, the whole community has gradually converted to utilizing them since they are easy to maintain and don’t require you to worry about broken stickers or adhesiveness. If you want stickered cubes for personal reasons, you should be able to do so.

Best Cubes To Purchase

Corner-cutting may be essential to consider while looking for a cube in terms of your turning precision. The capacity of a cube to spin while another layer is misaligned is referred to as corner cutting. On YouTube, you may discover cube evaluations calculating the corner-cutting of a cube by offsetting the U layer by 45 degrees and attempting an R (corner cut), then lowering the U layer offset and trying an R’ (reverse corner cut). Most budget cubes are inflexible and have limited corner-cutting capabilities. Individual cubes, such as the RS3M and Yuxin Little Magic, provide exceptional value for money.


The community assigns a distinct speed-related descriptor to the majority of the cubes. Typically, the quicker cubes are associated with instability, whereas the slower cubes are associated with stability. As a result, you may select cubes based on your preferences.

Fortunately, my Cube allows me to alter this by letting me adjust the compression of the springs. The Cube gets more stable but slower when the spring compression setting increases. The Cube becomes less stable yet quicker when the spring compression is reduced. You can decide whether this is necessary based on your budget. You are also thinking about purchasing a Rubik’s Cube. This is exactly what RS3M, a budget option, allows you to achieve while being a budget cube.


You can seek a cube with varying dimensions for whatever reason. The current standard speed cube is 55mm. Unfortunately, many small cubes have been discontinued, so possibilities for both will be limited.  


 Many cubes, especially flagship ones, come with accessories, from extra springs and screws, magnets, spare parts, and even a screwdriver. Depending on your preference, it is essential. If you’re deciding to go for a budget cube, a lot of the time, the Cube is just going to come with a box and some instruction sheets.

Customized Cube/New Cube 

You also can buy cubes set up to be competitive right out of the box. Screw tensioning is done as accurately as possible, the Cube is well lubed, and sometimes, non-magnetic cubes are also magnetized. This is an on-demand service available for an extra price. 

Popularity, word of mouth 

Last but not least, the popularity of a cube should be something you should consider while buying a cube. If a cube in each price range has a good reputation in the community, it is a very safe option, and you won’t go wrong buying that Cube.

Where Can You Buy Speed Cubes Online? 

Best Cube to Buy for a Beginner

Magnetic cubes are the new normal in cubing, so it would be good to buy even the cheapest magnetic cubes on the market if you are on a tight budget. Our suggestion usually doesn’t consider skill level. Still, if you’re starting and need a cube, invest in a reasonable-budget magnetic Cube. Our principal was the Yuxin Little Magic Elite-M for the longest time, even when new flagships kept appearing.

Final Thought 

The nine Cube buying tips above will narrow your options and help you buy your Cube. It is only if you’re looking to buy a cube that will magically make you faster. Look for what exactly you need in a cube and make a decision based on the criteria that are important to you.

By Olivia Bradley

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