Your dog being fussy about food? Try to give CBD oil in the following ways

Do you find it difficult to give your dog CBD oil? When it’s time for a dosage, does your dog behave as if you are attempting to feed it something disgusting? Regarding the flavour or texture of CBD oil, some dogs might be finicky eaters. There is nothing to worry about here. There are different ways to give CBD oil for dogs India to your dogs. On this blog, we have gathered all the best tips that will help you in administering CBD oil to your dogs. If you are a dog or cat owner and want to know how your pet can benefit from a CBD dosage, continue to read. 

What is CBD?

CBD (cannabidiol) is present in the oils of hemp plants. Dogs have receptors throughout their bodies connected to an Endocannabinoid System (ECS). CBD compound derived from full-spectrum hemp oil helps to activate these receptors present in the ECS that help to stimulate your dog’s anti-inflammatory abilities. Full spectrum oil has been demonstrated in studies to dramatically increase the immune system’s ability to fight inflammation, which has a number of positive effects on your dog’s health.

What can I use CBD oil for?

Any dog, even one that is fully healthy, can benefit from best cbd dog oils India. Some ailments that can be improved include:

  • Anxiety, whether it is situational or chronic
  • Chronic pain
  • Joint inflammation
  • Allergies
  • Age-related conditions
  • GI issues
  • Seizure management
  • Skin conditions

What are the common ways to give CBD oil to your dog?

When you buy a CBD product, it will come with dosage instructions. Hempstrol is one such brand that will mention the ingredients as well as the instructions on its label. As a pet owner, it is suggested to always follow directional use for better results. In this part, we’ll go into more detail about some standard CBD dosage techniques that many dog owners find to be effective. 

Direct oil application: You could also use a dropper to put CBD oil directly into your dog’s mouth, or you could apply it that way. Keep using this approach if your dog accepts it. Just keep in mind to be gentle with your dog; avoid gagging or tightening their jaws. Give your pet a treat right away to reward good behaviour.

Treat: Many dog owners use dog treats to deliver CBD to their dogs so they can enjoy the benefits of CBD. This works best with porous dog treats since they can absorb CBD oil better than dog treats that are flat or spherical can. When you have the right amount of CBD, put it on the dog treat and let it sit for a while so it can absorb. To make the whole process easier, you can even use a dropper. Alternatively, you can purchase CBD-infused pet treats that have been baked. 

Mix with pet food: CBD oil for dogs works best when combined with wet food. Starting out with tiny doses is also a good idea. It can be a wise approach to gradually increase the CBD dosage in your dog’s food if you don’t see any positive effects from their ingestion of the supplement. To find out the CBD dosage that is suggested for your dog, speak with a qualified veterinarian, or you can take consultation with Hempstrol on-boarded members. Although dogs may not first love the taste of CBD, they eventually grow to enjoy it. After mixing the CBD oil into the food, let it sit before serving. 

Note: It is suggested instead of going all in, try Giving your dog a sample of any of these techniques at first to see if they appreciate it. In this manner, if your dog declines your offer, you won’t waste the entire dosage of CBD oil.


There are many pet owners who are administering CBD to their four-legged companions, which largely explains why a variety of delivery systems for CBD to pets have been created recently. According to studies, CBD can benefit dogs, cats and other pets in a number of ways. For them to reap the benefits of CBD, it is important they take CBD in the right way. 

By Olivia Bradley

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