Your Essential Guide to Umrah and Its Types

One of the most important and common things Muslims do is the Umrah. Sometimes, it is also referred to as a “minor or lesser pilgrimage” in terms of its short version compared to Hajj. Muslims worldwide can perform Umrah at any time while reserving the Umrah Packages, unlike Hajj, which has fixed dates in the month of Dhul Hijjah.

What kinds of Umrah are there? To go on a journey, you must know the different categories and how to do them. Today, we will talk about the different types of Umrah and how their rules are fundamentally different. Let’s start the article read until the end.

There are two main types of Umrah:

  1. Umrah al-Mufradah
  2. Umrah al-Tamattu 

What makes Umrah al-Mufradah different from Umrah al-Tamattu?

Umrah al-Mufradah is performed at any time of the year, even independently. One can perform this type of Umrah at any time except during Hajj (the major pilgrimage). 

Umrah al-Tamattu is another type of lesser pilgrimage. This type of Umrah is composed of Hajj (the annual pilgrimage), which means it is performed with Hajj rituals. 

Whether it’s any Umrah, the performance includes just four steps:

  • Ihram (a specific attire that Muslims wear to perform pilgrimage)
  • Tawaf (walking around the Holy Kaaba)
  • Sa’i (The running rituals between the hills of Safa and Marwah)
  • Halq/Taqsir (cutting or shaving the hair)

You must know all the rituals of Umrah to perform them correctly and honestly according to the method.

Steps on how to do Umrah al-Mufradah and Umrah al-Tamattu:

Follow the rules:-

Umrah al-Mufradah: 

  • It can be performed at any time of the year except during the Hajj pilgrimage.
  • One can complete it in an organized group/individually or alone.
  • Unlike the second type, you can leave Mecca after completing this type of Umrah.
  • One should be physically fit to perform a pilgrimage.
  • It is composed of four rituals. The Last ritual includes cutting/shaving the hair.

Umrah al-Tamattu:

  • It is performed with the Hajj pilgrimage.
  • You can’t leave the holy city of Mecca until you complete the other rituals of Hajj.
  • Muslims must shave/cut hair after finishing this.


Remember, the below guidelines are for both Umrah al-Mufradah and Umrah al-Tamattu. So keep learning according to.

  • Make your intention according to whatever type of Umrah you will perform.
  • Enter into the state of Ihram – men should wear white dresses, while women can wear an Abaya.
  • Perform Tawaf and Sa’i as well they are.
  • Shaving or shortening your hair according to the rules. Women should cut their hair according to the fingertip.
  • Leave the Ihram attire after performing Umrah al-Mufradah.
  • Don’t leave Ihram after serving Umrah al-Tamattu, as you have to do other Hajj rituals.
  • Ask for forgiveness and be respectful of every act and thing that occurs.

Here are some tips for a memorable Umrah experience

  • It’s best if you plan your pilgrimage trip well in advance instead of last-minute booking.
  • When planning the trip, always look for a reputable Travel Agency for booking your reservations.
  • Pack well in advance; don’t over-pack the items and ensure the essential things.
  • Make yourself physically and mentally prepared to see the crowded place (Mecca).
  • Be patient and follow the rules of pilgrimage as well.
  • Make the most of your journey as you can see Allah’s (SWT) house.


Performing Umrah is a simple task, whether there is any type. One thing that matters is knowing the rules and guidelines to function correctly. Note that these guidelines are mentioned according to their nature and terms. You can learn from various scholars if you are more concerned about it. Mecca is a hot city, so prepare according to the weather. I hope this piece of text helps you a lot!

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