Abraham Lincoln: American President, His Role In Ending Slavery

Abraham Lincoln

American President, His Role In Ending Slavery

Abraham Lincoln – President of the United States, 16th in a row. He ruled the country from 1861 to 1865 and marked a major turning point in the direction of becoming a democracy. What was this man? We can say that in Lincoln’s biography – a different proof of the reality of the “American Dream.” The son of a poor immigrant farmer born in 1909, he rose to the heights of the social ladder and became the leader of the country led by the Republican Party (1854).

The goal of this, as well as the nation with their ideas, President Abraham Lincoln has long been. Influenced by many factors in the development of his personality. He lost his mother when he was 9 years old. Young Abraham’s love of stepmother reading Pato. It was the only book in the house – The Bible’s Heart ‘. Comprehensive knowledge of the Scriptures helped him to continue speaking publicly in the future. And implemented by such contemporary relevant stunning listeners.

Self-education – future president – hard physical labor, Abraham Lincoln becomes a living compulsion. In his political views he greatly influenced the works of the French Enlightenment figures, as well as Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson. It should be eliminated is a humiliating phenomenon – however, the young man recognized that slavery. With this idea, he was at the time the Lincoln family moved to a more established Illinois. Has been in this state for 12 years since slavery was abolished. President Lincoln’s policy was first announced in 1832 when he declared his candidacy in the lower house election over Illinois food availability. There he was re-elected to that reputation three times in a row. In 1856 a new party in the United States – the Republican, and Lincoln leaked its position. Two years later, the U.S. Senate submits its candidacy for election. By Tradition Upanjathavakki a discussion of Schleswig-Holstein with Lincoln rival S. Douglas in the election. Although success has lagged behind, the problem of slavery in America has stuck, and a “divided home” has emerged.

Therefore, Lincoln was defeated in the 1860 presidential election by four candidates. The U.S. president took office at the invitation of the nation’s greatest disaster. In 1861, Akalan was declared in the southern states. I recall that the Lincoln Central Government did not intend to interfere with state law to abolish slavery, but resolutely refused to enter new territories and half the measures sought peace. In 1862, it was approved by the Homestead Act, which made the allotment of land to each citizen vesting. This law is very fundamentally tainted with slave-possessed Latifundia. 

But we made life changes. It soon turned out that the economic upliftment of the country was impossible without the abolition of slavery throughout the country. Organized parties brought victory to the population Lincoln Khan but in 1865, South actor George. An attempt was made by the W. Booth native to “captain” him (so the poet called him Ult Uitmen), and shot him in the head. Memory of the martyred president martyred for abolishing slavery in the United States, immortalized in Washington. The role is clearly shown in the white marble memorial where he played for the president of his country Avram Lincoln. Photographs will show us the thoughts of not only a man of high stature (1.90 m) who is safe from time to time. Thanks to four million Americans for their freedom.

Family relationship

Lincoln, Thomas Lincoln, is a farmer, carpenter, and Nancy Hankung. Lincoln’s mother died when he was nine. His stepmother, Sarah Bush Johnston, was very close to him. His sister, Sarah Grigsby, was the only brother to mature.

Lincoln married Mariodot on November 4, 1842. She had grown relative wealth. Her four brothers fought in the south. Were considered mentally handicapped. All three of them died together. Edward died in 1850 at the age of three. Robert Todd grew up to be a politician, lawyer and diplomat. William Wallace died at the age of twelve. He was the only president to die in the White House. Finally, Thomas “Thad” died at the age of eighteen.

The military rope of Abraham Lincoln

In 1832, Lincoln joined the Black Hawk War. A company of volunteers was selected as the leader. His company became designated members under Colonel Zucker Taylor .

In this capacity he served only 30 days and was later signed as a private individual on the slopes. He joined the Independent Spice Corps. He had never seen real activity during his youth in the military.

Life before the presidency

Before joining the Army, Lincoln worked as a clerk. In 1832 he was elected to the State Legislature.

He was appointed postmaster of a new Salam by Andrew Jackson (1833-36). He was elected Wig (1834-1842) to the Illinois Legislature. He studied law and entered the bar in 1836. Lincoln was the American representative (1847-49). In 1854 he was elected to the State Legislative Assembly. But worked for the U.S. Senate. After being nominated, he delivered the famous “Fragmentation” speech.

Lincoln-Douglas Debates

Lincoln criticized his opponent Stephen Douglas seven times . Gender was discussed under the name of Lincoln-Douglas Debates . When they agreed on many issues, they questioned the morality of slavery. Lincoln did not believe in the need to spread slavery, but Douglas argued for popular sovereignty . Although he did not demand equality , he believed that liquidation, freedom , the declaration of independence and the right to freedom of expression should be given to African-Americans. Lincoln lost the state election to Douglas.

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