Angular With .Net Core For Full Stack Development


In general, application development is a crucial process requiring the perfect tools and technology for the perfect market-ready applications that can help generate business digitally. Choosing the correct technical stack will bring scalability, efficiency, and fast application development. Angular is the fourth most preferred framework for application development, and .Net Core is the sixth preferred framework for business owners and developers for successful application development.

This part of the blog will provide adequate information on how Angular and .Net Core can be great full-stack application development. The blog post has covered why business owners prefer .Net Core Angular developer for their digital product development.

The right technical stack combination can bring a lot of benefits in the application development that includes:

  • Reduced development cost
  • Enhanced application security
  • Highly improved application performance 
  • Quality of source code is increased and brings application scalability

Why Should Business Owners Choose Angular For Front-End Development?

Since Angular was released in 2010, it has provided immense scalability and reliability in all the applications developed with Angular. Angular is designed in such a way that it develops creative, interactive user interfaces. It also avoids and overcomes the restriction of other existing technologies in a single integrated package. 

Angular will be used a lot in the coming years as it is upgrading its versions and libraries to provide high performance and flexibility in application development. 

Benefits of using Angular for frontend application development

For more clarity, check out the below benefits that business owners can consider before choosing Angular for frontend development. 

Two Way Binding

Angular has the feature of two-way binding that provides fast automated synchronized data of View and Data Model. So whenever there is any update in the data store, the User Interface is automatically updated. It ultimately saves a lot of development time by synchronizing the data and avoiding the additional manual coding.

Community Support

One of the key reasons for choosing Angular for front-end development is the strong community support. On Github, Angular has 21.4K Fork and 81.2K Star. These developers associated with the community will always help whenever you find any issue while in the application development process.

Component-Based Architecture

The component-based architecture offered by Angular is responsible for dividing the design into single logical components. These components are individual self capable of providing additional features that can boost the performance and provides quick market-ready application development.

The top companies have trusted Angular for their product development, and the list of applications developed using Angular is Office 365, Upwork, Forbes, Xbox, etc.

Why Should Business Owners Choose .Net Core For Back-End Development?

.Net Core is a highly scalable cross-platform open-source application development framework. The .Net Core framework got released in 2016 as a replacement for the .Net framework to provide increased features.

.Net Core is one of the highly preferred back-end development frameworks, and the demand for using .Net core will remain the same in the coming years. On Github, it has an active global community of 4.5K Fork and 17.6K Star. The top companies that use .Net Core for their application development are Samsung, Intel, Capegimini, Godaddy, Jp Morgan, and many others. 

Benefits of using .Net Core for Back-end Application Development

Now let’s look at the key advantages of .Net Core to consider application development.


As we have understood earlier, .Net Core is an open-source framework that brings more flexibility to the development process. Developers can work accordingly to add additional features and use the strong community support to get suggestions and corrections whenever needed.

High Performance

The performance of an application plays an important role whenever it comes to the back-end. The back-end side of an application has to handle many loads and provide the required speed to boost the application performance. The .Net Core framework can easily manage the load of applications with the help of the memory allocation concept that helps lightweight the application to increase and optimize its performance of an application.

Key Reasons to Consider for Choosing the Combination of Angular and .Net Core For Full Stack Development.

The above part of the blog post has provided an overview and benefits of both frameworks individually. This part of the blog post will help you understand about the combination of Angular and .Net can be preferred for full-stack application development.

The deadly combination of Angular and .Net will provide powerful full-stack web application development to business owners by considering their business needs.


The simplicity of language that .Net core and Angular brings is helpful in decreasing the development cost. It gets easy to manage the end-to-end development when you have that simplicity in the code and programming language used for app development.

Quick Development Process

The quick development process is the best advantage as it saves the development cost and allows a lot of time to test the product before releasing it on the global market. Moreover, both frameworks have many libraries that save development time. 

Separate Codebase

When you prefer the combination of Angular and .Net core, none of the frameworks is dependent on each other for application development. Separate codebase features bring the additional advantage that if business owners change their minds about choosing another framework for development, it is easy to transfer or combine it later. 


The information provided in the above section of the blog post is worth considering if you as a business owner are looking for a Full Stack Development Company that offers Angular + .Net Core. Always choose the best development company, just like Bacancy, which has highly skilled and experienced developers in this combination for application development. 

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Chandresh Patel is a CEO, Agile coach, and founder of Bacancy Technology. His truly entrepreneurial spirit, skillful expertise, and extensive knowledge in Agile software development services have helped the organization to achieve new heights of success. Chandresh is fronting the organization into global markets in a systematic, innovative, and collaborative way to fulfill custom software development needs and provide optimum quality services.

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