Five best Android download managers

Five best Android download managers

Download managers might appear to be old. However, they have a lot of purposes. Here are the best Android download managers.

Download managers appear to be an old-fashioned type of download. Most programs have one now, and individuals don’t necessarily download many records. Nonetheless, there are a few advantages from a hierarchical outlook and, at times, from a speed point of view. Individuals who download as often as possible have a utilization case for download managers. 

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Five best Android download managers

The best download managers for Android

  • 1DM
  • Progressed Download Chief
  • Firefox
  • Loader Droid
  • JDownloader


  • Cost: Free/$1.99

1DM (previously known as IDM) is a popular choice in the download manager space. It functions similarly to most other download managers. However, this one has direct torrent support as well. That makes it a decent choice for individuals who use torrents (legally, obviously). Additionally, it supports five simultaneous downloads, the ability to speed up download speeds, etc. Plus, it blocks third-party trackers and incorporates a built-in browser. The pro version runs for an affordable price point of $1.99.

Advanced Download Manager

  • Cost: Free

Advanced Download Manager is among the most famous download managers for Android. It has a clean user interface, plenty of functionality, and support. The features include simultaneous downloads, support for SD cards, speed management, and support for extensive documents. You also get a widget along with some extra, more power-user-friendly functionality. Furthermore, it’s also free with advertisements.


  • Cost: Free

Aria2App is one of the most powerful download managers; however not the type you may consider. A server-grade download manager assists you in managing your servers, given that they’re running Aria2. It enables you to remotely add stuff like HTTPS, FTP, BitTorrent, and Metalink downloads. You can also download things from browsers directly to your server, manage long downloads, and more. This is undoubtedly for power clients and not for normal individuals. So if some of the words in this paragraph didn’t make sense, there’s an average chance that this download manager isn’t for you.

Loader Droid

  • Cost: Free

Loader Droid is one of the better yet older Android download managers. The UI is a bit old-dated; however, it conveys the necessary information. The application includes plenty of little things like automatically continuing downloads when you connect to data. Other features include link replacement if your link times out. And you can characterize the connections allowed on a per-download basis.

Moreover, you can download via Wi-Fi for one document or 4G for another. It hasn’t been updated since 2016, so try it at your risk. However, people still use this in 2019 and seem to like it.


  • Cost: Free/Discretionary gift

MyJDownloader is similar to Chicketry. It’s a PC download manager with a companion app. You can check your downloads on your PC from the comfort of your phone. It also monitors your clipboard for download links and supports various types of files. We loved Chiketry a little better. However, this one has been around longer, and its desktop app is more impressive. You can pick whichever one works best for you.

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