How does softphone work with WebRTC?

WebRTC phone services

A number companies have decided to completely change their communication system and use softphones instead. Softphones are internet-based programs for making and receiving phone calls. It can be installed on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device instead of using the fixed or cloud telephony phone. Many people consider it to be the best system since it presents many advantages, including lower cost, no hardware, and no additional investment. We want you to present some characteristics the softphone providers are hiding from you, so you can decide for yourself if indeed it is the best solution for your business, or if you prefer the WebRTC phone services. But before you think it is all rosy and softphones are the best thing that could happen to your business.

WebRTC-enabled softphones help your business by doing these functions:


There is no such thing as a stagnant business, as every business strives to grow, expand, and become larger. Therefore, the telephony system that is used must also follow these trends. Softphones that use WebRTC are scalable since they are completely software-based. Customers can adapt the functionality of a scalable softphone for business as needed, whether the business is just starting out or expanding. Users and lines can be added via the dashboard rather than hardwiring into a new location, eliminating the hassle of relocating the line. It is also possible to take softphones with the employee of a business anywhere he or she needs to go if the need arises. Phone numbers need not be changed, software needs to be updated, or anything needs to be installed, so business can continue as usual.

Enhanced Customer Experience:

The customer experience has taken center stage in today’s corporate world, with over 70 percent of CEOs seeing softphones as a major differentiator. It is possible to communicate uninterruptedly with customers using Internet service combined with softphones. By using it, customer experience can be improved and conversations can be directed to a solution in an effective way.


An on-site desk phone service requires high maintenance costs and expensive equipment. Unless the payment is made every month, the service will be disconnected. Conversely, the softphone provides flexible pricing with little to no infrastructure investment, making it more cost-effective and manageable. Instead of paying for minutes, the corporation only needs to pay for bandwidth. As softphone calls are often free, the company can save a great deal of money by deploying software. Long-distance communications become more affordable than paying for standard phones from the telecom company. A few patches or upgrades can provide new features and functionalities without the need for maintenance or replacement of hardware. A licensed program doesn’t require you to purchase new software when your devices are updated. In order to use the new device, the software must be transferred.

Secure Connectivity:

There is no public network that can threaten the architecture of the network. Due to the fact that it is the company’s network, data can be transferred easily without worrying about data breaches. Whether it is a phone call, chat, video conference, or screen sharing, all communications are secure. A VPN secured connection allows them to manage call operations via a softphone, which allows the company to call customers. For every business, it is the most beneficial device.

Call Recording:

It is possible for admins to manually record voice calls or to automate the process. The recordings that have already been made are available for screen recording in video conferences, which can be shared with other participants. Transcripts of recorded calls can be shared, updated, searched, and utilized to summarize information quickly. With WebRTC-enabled softphones, businesses have access to all calls, allowing them to assess their agents’ performance and train them more effectively. Call recording regulations should be researched by businesses, in order to avoid legal consequences.


Despite a poor Internet connection, you can still enjoy the best possible quality of the video regardless of whether your signal is good or not. Even if you do not have an Internet connection at the moment, your calls will be forwarded to your fixed or cell phones so you will never lose contact with your clients, and we will not charge you anything for doing that since we will forward your calls to your phones!

So, are you still on the fence about getting WebRTC-enabled softphone is the best option for communication at your company? Do not hesitate to contact Knowlarity’s team, if you still have doubts about WebRTC phone services being the best solution for you.

By Olivia Bradley

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