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Mk Faizi (Muhammad Faizan Shahid), Founder and The CEO of “Tech Digital Groups

today has worked really hard to achieve his dream. His hard work, dedication, passion, excellence, and leadership are something that made him able to be one of the top entrepreneurs and bloggers. Being engaged with computer gaming at a very young age and getting a degree in Software Engineering from the University of South Asia Pakistan allowed him to pursue his dream.

He started his career as a freelancer and blogger in 2016 and learned throughout the 8 years. His positive work attitude and devotion earned him a lot of faithful clients. He is well aware of the craft and brings uniqueness to his content which compels the audience to appreciate it. He compels deeply with each and every client to tailor the services as per their requirements.

Building his own e-commerce website was not an easy decision and required a lot of hard work. He restlessly worked 18 hours per day to get his website are the top ranks. Not only that, he developed a well-qualified team of professionals to steer his entrepreneurship forward. The last 5 years were quite tough for him and his team where they worked day and night to get a noticeable position.

The best part about his personality is that he never stops learning. He acquainted himself with important digital business skills including software development, web development, digital marketing, and WordPress development. To expand his empire further he needed qualified professionals working for him and his work together attitude made this possible.

He always tries when to provide excellent services to all the clients. He loves his job and more than that he owns it. He is a true believer that hard work never goes to waste and always bears positive results. Identifying exactly what the customer’s need and making his team work up to their expectations is something he is a champion at. Another key skill is excellent communication with the team and the clients to make sure that nothing is missed out.

Leadership quality is something a perfect addition to his personality and is the reason why he excelled at a fast pace. He always inspires his subordinates to look deep into themselves and explore their hidden qualities. It is not about managing people but rather making them realize what they are capable of. This is why he is always able to make the people generate the best content and services.

He believes in accepting and facing challenges and there is nothing that can let him down. Being foresighted, he always thinks about the solution even before the problem arises. He makes the tasks easier both for the clients and the workers.

Most of all his willingness to accept his flaws and learn about new strategies to approach the goals of success is something appreciable. He believes to find the perfect solutions for all. He is responsible for making all the important decisions that make his team run smoothly. Truly, he is a leader at work.

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