Visit Mount Uhud – One of The Famous Mountain Peaks in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

There is a well-known mountain peak in Saudi Arabia called Mount Uhud, which is located to the north of Madinah and rises to a height of 3,533 feet. One of the most famous battles of the second conflict between disbelievers and Muslims took place on this hill. Today, tourists and those travelers who arrive in Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage from various parts of the world visit the mountain to learn and explore more about its traditional and philosophical importance. The mountain has ancient remains, including a magnificent mosque in the valley. Hiking, camping, and mountain climbing are just a few of the intriguing and thrilling adventures that visitors may engage in while visiting this region.

The Background of Mount Uhud

The peak of the mountain is famous as the scene of the decisive Battle of Uhud. War erupted as the Muslim and Meccan armies met again after the Battle of Badr. It happened when the Meccans tried to vengeance for their loss in the Battle of Badr by initiating an attempt on the forces led by Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). It seemed like the end result of the fight favored the Muslims, but a crucial error on their part changed everything. Some Muslims from the company of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) disobeyed him by surrendering their places. This opened the door for a destructive counterattack by Meccan snipers in their army. It was a devastating raid, taking the lives of many valuable people, including the Holy Prophet’s uncle.

Information Regarding Mount Uhud

  • It is reported that on the day of the battle, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) offered the Duhr prayer at this spot.
  • Instructions were provided to roughly 50 shooters to situate themselves on the summit.
  • Destroyed pieces of a mosque may be seen on Mount Uhud, which is located in the valley of Uhud.
  • It was believed that this would protect Muslims even if their enemy (or disbelievers) attacked from behind.

Explore Different Umrah Packages

Since the second major war in Islamic history was conducted between secular people and Muslims on the top of Mount Uhud, the site holds a special place in the hearts of Muslims. In addition to the spiritual significance of the mountain, visitors come to the region to take in the breathtaking scenery. Pilgrims and tourists have contributed much to the area’s explosive development throughout the years. Here you may dine at a number of restaurants and cafes that provide both local and international cuisine in a picturesque environment. With the assistance of 20 Nights Umrah packages with Muslims Holy Travel, Muslims will be able to travel to Mount Uhud at affordable prices. The majority of Hajj and Umrah visitors come here to offer payer as Nafl Ibadah.


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