Police officials made their vehicle into a gas chamber prior to the execution of an elderly man” Renata Souza, an elected human rights advocate from the local region

Brazilians are furious about the death of a patient who has been asphyxiated that is featured in a YouTube video. The video shows an asphyxiated Black man being taken from by two Brazilian security officers. Federal Highway Police. The interior of the car was covered with smoke. The police attempted to stop Genivaldo De Jesus Santos (38) from being taken for transport to Umbauba located in northern Sergipe. A massive puff of smoke, that could be tear gas, can be seen in the SUV.You can hear him screaming and you can also see his legs hanging out of the vehicle. He kicks for a few minutes before stopping. After that, his legs stop. They aren’t affected by people who are watching.

the pictures generated a buzz on social media. A large crowd of protesters descended on Umbauba to protest on Wednesday, blocking roads and burning tires.

In one tweet, a man could listen to him saying “The people are outraged. ” “They have killed this man! ” A man was speaking on an audio system to his audience.

Federal Highway Police reported the man was violent. He was unable to cooperate with police officers who attempted to deter his. In the report of police officers placed the man in a coma, and employed “instruments that have a less likelihood of causing harm” so that the person was under control.

According to the report of an authorized source, Santos became ill while being taken to a precinct with police officers. Then, Santos was taken to a hospital and it was discovered that he had died. deceased.

The story is based on the words of George Fernandes (a spokesperson for Sergipe the state’s Forensic institute) An examination of the postmortem taken by a doctor showed that the deceased had died due to respiratory failure caused due to “mechanical asphyxia”.

Alisson de Jesus, Santos’s nephew, told local the news channel FANF1 that he witnessed the police detaining Santos’ uncle. Santos said that he was carrying prescriptions and other prescription drugs in his wallet. It’s likely that Santos was suffering from mental illness prior to the time that police arrived, which his nephew described as “a frightening encounter. “

He stated, “They took my uncle and put him in his vehicle. Then they applied explosive gas and then sealed the trunk, and placed one of the passengers in the trunk. ” De Jesus said that the man he was with had been injured and then pushed by police before being taken to the back of their vehicle.

“Police officials made their vehicle into a gas chamber prior to the execution of an elderly man” Renata Souza, an elected human rights advocate from the local region , and politician, posted her thoughts on Twitter. When you’re confronted with this type of violence it’s nearly unimaginable. Brazil is an extermination camp!

Brazilian society has been shocked by the discovery that the company is not able to ensure that its employees adhere to fundamental standards of behavior.

Jair Bolsonaro who is the president of Federal Highway Police, said that he will seek details from the police on what transpired. An incident like this happened earlier this week when an individual killed two police officers who were working on the highway.

It was an announcement by the Federal Police opened an inquiry. Within 10 days, it is anticipated that they Federal Police must receive the comprehensive, complete report from the institution that is responsible for Forensics.

The incident happened only a few days following an incident involving police on the highway in a situation which resulted in more than 20 people being killed in Rio de Janeiro. While police have claimed they were required to use brutal force because of the circumstances that led to it, local media have reported incidents that raise questions about this claim.

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