Things to know before buying a laptop online

Computers are becoming more and more prevalent in our lives today. In fact, many people don’t even realize how much they use them until they start thinking about what would happen if they didn’t have access to their computers. Computers can help us do things we couldn’t do without them. We use them at work, school, home, and everywhere else. but buying one for yourself can be a headache because there are so many brands and different models of laptops.

buying laptops online

Important Questions to ask yourself before buying an laptop online-

 1. How do I choose a model of laptop?

 When choosing a laptop you should determine whether or not you want a traditional clamshell style laptop, a convertible laptop, or a tablet style laptop. A traditional clamshell laptop tends to be thicker than a convertible laptop. A convertible laptop is similar to a traditional clamshell laptop except it folds back into a tablet. A tablet style laptop is thinner than a traditional clamshell and convertible laptop and does not fold back into a tablet. Also, you should consider how big of a screen you want on your laptop. Laptops with larger screens tend to cost more money than laptops with smaller screens.

 2. Which laptop brand is the best?

 The most popular laptop brands are Dell, Apple, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Toshiba, and Asus. Each of these companies makes excellent laptops. However, it is difficult to tell which brand is the best. One thing that helps you pick out the right laptop is to think about what you plan on using your laptop for. If you are going to use it for school then you definitely want a laptop that has the latest processors and RAM. If you are planning on using it for gaming purposes then you probably don’t care much about the processor speed or RAM. Another factor to consider when picking out a laptop is its portability. If you are looking for a small, lightweight laptop then you might want to consider a tablet style laptop instead. If you are looking to carry around your laptop everywhere then you might want to opt for a traditional clamshell or convertible laptop.

 3. Are there any advantages to buying a laptop online?

 One advantage to buying a laptop online is that you get to test drive the laptop first. If you’re unsure about a certain aspect of a laptop then you can simply try it out. Another benefit to buying a laptop online consists of being able to find the exact specifications of the laptop that you want. You can view the specs of the laptop online and compare it to others. Lastly, buying a laptop online is convenient. If you live in a city where there aren’t many electronic stores nearby then buying a laptop online is perfect for you. You can easily ship your laptop anywhere in the world.

 4. What size should my laptop be?

 In terms of size, the best rule of thumb is to buy whatever fits comfortably in your hands. If you are planning to travel with your laptop then you should probably buy a laptop that is 13 inches or less. Laptops that are 14 inches or greater are generally too big to fit in your backpack.

 5. Is it necessary to have a warranty on a laptop?

 If you are planning on using your laptop for business purposes then it is important to have a warranty on it. Having a warranty means that the manufacturer will fix your laptop if anything goes wrong with it. There are two types of warranties; an express warranty and a service contract. An express warranty is given directly by the manufacturer whereas a service contract is offered by the retailer. Typically, retailers offer service contracts because the manufacturers won’t cover everything under their warranty.

 6. Should I buy a laptop with Windows , Mac or ChromeOS?

 Windows are great operating systems. Both windows and MacOS run smoothly and have a wide range of applications available for download. Therefore, it really comes down to personal preference. ChromeOS is an operating system based on chrome designed by google. Such laptops are mostly used by Students. Checkout list of Best chromebooks under 30000.

7. What’s the best laptop?

 The best laptop is going to depend entirely upon what you’re going to use it for and how much money you want to spend. If you have already decided what type of computer you want (Mac or Windows), then the rest should become pretty simple. Let’s start off with some general guidelines.

 8. What size screen do I need?

 This is probably the number one question people ask themselves when they start shopping for their first laptop. Do you really need a 17 inch screen? Probably not, unless you plan on using it strictly for web browsing and email. A 15-inch screen is plenty big enough for most users.

 9. How much RAM do I need?

 RAM is short for Random Access Memory. RAM is basically used for temporary storage. You’ll need at least 4GB if you plan on running any sort of graphics software. 8GB is recommended.

 10. How many hard drives do I need?

 If you don’t mind installing programs manually, you don’t necessarily need a separate hard drive. However, having at least two hard drives is always a good idea. One for operating system files and one for data storage.

 11. What kind of processor do I need?

 There are three basic types of processors: x86, ARM, and MIPS. X86 processors are commonly used in PCs. These are known for being slower than ARM and MIPS processors. However, they are still quite powerful and capable of handling most tasks. ARM processors are typically found in smartphones and tablets. These are popular among developers who create apps for mobile devices. Finally, MIPS is a brand name meaning Microprocessor Integrated Processor System. There are several different varieties of MIPS processors. All of them are optimized for specific tasks.

 12. What battery life do I need?

 You should look for a laptop with at least 6 hours of battery life. In addition, you should try to get a model with a solid state drive (SSD). SSDs offer faster boot times, longer lasting batteries, and higher performance than traditional hard disks.

 13. Is wireless networking necessary?

 Wireless networking is becoming increasingly popular. It reduces the amount of wires and cables you need to connect devices together. Make sure the laptop comes with Wi-Fi capabilities.

14. What is your budget?

Make sure your budget is enough to get better hardware. You can get laptops of every price range. Starting from Rs 20000 to Rs 1 lakh. Here is the list of best laptops under 25000. If your on budget check an article here-

If you have made your decision to purchase your laptop online then here are some of the tips for buying best laptop for yourself-

1. How do I know if my product is authentic?

When shopping for products online, there are many things that can go wrong. Make sure you buy directly from companies website or if you are buying from amazon then check if the dealer is authentic and has better ratings.

2. What kind of shipping method do they offer? Will it arrive safely?

If you buy something online, make sure they have a reliable shipping service. There are two different types of shipping methods offered by most online stores, which are standard shipping and express shipping. Standard shipping takes longer than express shipping, but you won’t pay extra for it. Express shipping costs more money but gives you faster service. Make sure you choose a shipping option that works best for you.

3. Check Reviews and Ratings of Laptop

Reviews and rating help us a lot while making buying decisions. All big ecomerce sites provide reviews and rating to help us buy better product.

4. Do they offer any guarantees?

Make sure the company offers some type of guarantee on their products. Most reputable companies offer a full refund policy for defective items. However, the return policy might vary depending on how long the item has been purchased.

Important Components of a laptop-

Best sites to buy a laptop online

  1. Amazon

 Amazon is probably the best place to shop for laptops if you want the best deal possible. You’ll find everything from budget models to high-end machines. You can even get discounts laptops here at time of sale.

 2. eBay

 eBay is the perfect place to buy a laptop if you’re looking for something specific. You may have to search around a bit to find what you need, but you might be able to save some money doing so.

 3. Walmart

 Walmart offers great deals on many different types of laptops. Whether they’re brand new or refurbished, they offer decent prices. Of course, buying from Walmart means you’ll likely pay extra shipping costs.

 4. Target

 Target isn’t just a clothing store; it’s a great place to buy electronics at affordable prices. If you decide to go this route, make sure to check out their refurbished laptops page first.

 5. Best Buy

 Best Buy is a little expensive compared to the rest of these stores, but you can still score yourself a good laptop for not much money. Be warned though, sometimes you might have to purchase accessories separately.

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